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RCA Opal 4204 / So much to complain about

1 7 Graces Run RoadWinchester, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-937-695-0634

The new RCA Opal model 4204 friggin sucks!

Where do I start? First, let's talk about the FM radio. On my past mp3 players, I could receive at least partial signal of all the stations from Cincinnatii when I live clear up in Winchester. With this foolish insult of an mp3 player, I could only pick up local radio stations! It wouldn't even attempt to pick up radio stations from the city! WTF?

Secondly, the shuffle mode sucks a lot of ###. Who wants to hear the same stinking shuffle order for years without end and no change or reverse in the order whatsoever? Not me. I was failed this same way from a My Musix mp3 player, but I once before purchased an RCA Lyra and it did not have this problem! This is an outrage! How could a brand name fail me whenever a former member of the series was actually acceptable? I don't know, but this was a huge disappointment. Shuffle mode, by definition, means a totally random order where any given song could come at any given time. It's not that hard to make it perform better, because every computer's media player does it without problem. Why does RCA even call it random when it's fixed to play the same songs all the time!? I don't know, but people should boycott all the products from RCA because they'd get more value buying an ipod shuffle that is minus a screen!

Thirdly, the material making up the mp3 player is a worthless piece of s%@t that is literally only good for less than a day of use. I was already disappointed by the crappy shuffle capacity of the mp3 player, and to top it all I charged it up with the USB cord of the mp3 player, and the computer said that "your device may not work properly." Like hell it wouldn't! I tried accessing back to the music, there was text that displayed "Please wait" that lasted for thirty minutes. Forget about it. It's gone to hell where it belongs and I'm not going to prey for it to come back to life. The funny thing is, two of my brothers got RCA Lyras and they both broke after five months or less of regular use! What is used to make these mp3 players, are they made out of recycled materials!? I don't know, but with the modern technology of the screen, they should have at least made it a little more durable. What were they thinking, spending so much of their money making a pretty and brilliant screen but not even good for twenty four hours of use!? On Christmas my thirteenth birthday I bought a boombox from RCA that is also broke now, that I did nothing to! They need to learn how to do their job and create stronger products or they're just going to have to file for bankrupts and be long forgotten through the Sony and Sand Disk brand's take over!

Going fourth, the customer service for RCA sucks horribly. One guy complained my similar problem with a past member of the RCA revolution, the Lyra Jukebox, which had a random mode that was considered inferior to other brands. Audiviox had an upgrade all ready for this guy to help fix the problem. So I had some hope that the same action would be done for me. I posted my question, and some jerk emailed me saying "There's nothing we can do about a bad random mode. There will be no upgrade for this. I'm sorry for any inconvenience." I can't type what I would have liked to have done to that numb-skull because people would probably think I'm a psychotic maniac and a beater, but I'll keep those fantasies to myself and worry about how there's so much not to do and all day not to do it in.

Thanks you RCA, for ruining my trust on mp3 players. Now I realize that there isn't any good mp3 players out there that would fit my needs, because if all of the other ones are like that piece of crap, then I'm folding back to the past generations of CD players. I'm done purchasing any mp3 players, anywhere. I was lucky that these flaws came to my notice early, because I was able to send the damn thing back to Wal-mart for a refund. When they asked me if I would like a replacement, I rolled my eyes and asked "Are you kidding? I'm not buying anything from RCA!"

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  • In
      16th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Its not bad @ all IMO. It was a ### to begin with I will admit, but after I've worked it out its good now ( I HOPE =])

  • Am
      17th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hmmm, guess you didn't have it long enough to notice the battery problems. One charge, it's all they're good for. This is my second and last one.

  • Th
      14th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    just buy an ipod never had a problem oh yeah r.c.a =recycled computer accessories

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