Radio Shackpoor customer service!

This store is by far, the worst customer-oriented Radio Shack branch I have ever visited. My experience started a few days ago, when I was shopping for a Blackberry Playbook tablet. The night before Black Friday, I visited their website and that location stated they had this item in stock. They opened at 530, so I arrived at the store at 430am and was in the first group allowed to shop at opening time. After telling the salesperson what I wanted, and turned down his suggestive selling attempts to sell me every accessory known to man, I had my credit card in hand when the salesperson notified me they didn't have any in stock. An oriental woman "seemed" to be the person in charge, so I asked her could I could get a raincheck since the website says she has them in stock. She actually giggled to herself and told me "Ohh no way." Then the salesperson went over to talk with the woman, and I overheard her say "try to sell him something else." So then he asked me if I wanted the more expensive iPad 2. This was a couple 100 more than I was prepared to spend, and I refused. This really seemed like the old bait-and-switch trick. The website indicates "come on in and get your item" but when you get there it's "whoops, we don't have those.. buy something more expensive!" I had to act like I worked there, and said "Well can you call another local store and see if THEY have one??" So the guy called three different stores and said they were all sold out too, even though the website indicated they were in stock just hours before when I did my research.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Newark, DE I told them I have been a customer of Radio Shack for over 25 years and have never been so disappointed with them, and the woman said, "Oh ok." and she really gave me the indication I was not important. I began walking towards the door, furious and actually shaking because I was so mad and I told her "I will NEVER shop again in this store" and she replied, "Oh alright, bye" and didn't even look up from what she was doing. When I got to my car, I called their 800 # and told them about my horrible experience and the man apologized sincerely, and asked what I was looking to buy. I told him what I wanted, and my zip code, and he located one in less than one minute of wait time.. AND provided me with the phone number. I called them, asked them to hold it for me and told them I would drive straight there. The other location was only FIFTEEN minutes away. How did the kid tell me none of the other locations had this item, when a branch 15 minutes away did? This Radio Shack at College Square in Newark, DE was clearly more worried about hitting target sales and goals, rather than keeping a loyal customer happy. I arrived at the other location and within five minutes I was back in my car, with the Playbook in hand. The other sad part of this story is the second store I visited that had their act together had no customers, and the store I had left in a rage had a line outside waiting to get inside. And perhaps to discover their item wasn't in stock either! Do yourself a favor.. Drive the couple minutes further to visit another branch, and steer clear of the College Square location!

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