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Radio Shack Complaints & Reviews

Radio Shack / customer service manager was extremely rude and condescending!!

Jun 18, 2019

Beau was his name. He acted like it was my fault that the dish playmaker did not work for my unit at the campground. The person who sold it to me was not knowledgeable on all of the products he sells. He also sold me a nonrefundable Wally reciever. He stated if it didn't work for my...

Radio Shack / samsung a8 plus

Jun 14, 2018

Dears, Trust all is good at your end. I'm writing to you this email in order to express my dissatisfaction with the level of support I received from radio shack customer service & complaints center. I just buy samsung a8 plus from radio shack carffuer maadi and I found a surious issue...

Radio Shack / cable

Mar 20, 2018

I bought a cable from Radio shack Egypt, it has 3 months warranty, it broke out only 10 days after the warranty validation date without being faced to any external harm or bad use, so I went there to the branch, and they refused to repair it or exchange it under the warranty despite the...

Radio Shack / request a fraud investigation

Oct 25, 2017

To whom it May concern: On [protected] ask the credit bureaus to verify the account of Radioshack# XXXX with a balance in loss $ 0.00 that is reported in my credit history that does not belong to me. I need to investigate further and remove from my credit history information related to...

Radio Shack / warranty and support

Jun 08, 2017

I bought Beats headphones last year with a warranty. They stopped working recently, so I looked for how to use the warranty. I was told to contact "Assurant" since they were in charge of warranty's and such, but Assurant never responded to me, even after several weeks, even though their...

Radio shack Product / product quality

Jan 30, 2016

In the last two days I wasted hours of time and Thankfully little money $10.00. I purchased a couple of Variable resistors (pot) from Radio Shack. I spent four hours in replacing the old parts with the new ones. As it turned out The first (pot) was defective, didn't work then wet out and...

Radio Shack / false advertisement

Nov 28, 2014

Radio shack black Friday ad clearly states "We'll match any printed competitor's price for any item on this page, plus give you an Extra 10% off No need to shop around! Promise". Called Radio Shack Fossil Creek Plaza and the Manager Tanya stated that she had 1 pair of purple...

Radio Shack / horrible service - sprint

Oct 25, 2014

My family of 5 went today to Radio Shack in Hatillo, Puerto Rico. We saw the offer that Sprint currently had and wanted to switch four of our phones from AT&T to Sprint. Yesterday, we called and we were told that the iPhone 6 would be available for all of us. We arrived today at noon to...

Radio Shack and Sprint / charged me for changing my phone #

Aug 02, 2013

I had cell phone service with sprint. I asked about changing my phone number to a number I had prior with virgin mobile. sprint said they can do that and did. Several months later, radio shack (the store I purchased the phone from) charges my credit card $216. I called radio shack and...

RadioShack / got screwed

May 04, 2013

First, I was paying my bill online and accidentally clicked the wrong amount, paying 252.00 instead of 25.00. Realizing my mistake immediately, I called customer service. The woman I spoke to claimed that the request had already been sent to my bank (this was five minutes later) It took...

Radio Shack / warranty and extended service

Jan 17, 2013

On black Friday I purchased a tablet for my son for Christmas. After 3 weeks the tablet has locked up and is not working. According to Radio Shack they can not do any thing and have refused to take it in for repair and have refused to refund my money. Basically we spent money in good faith...

Radio Shack / falsely accused of fraude

Jan 09, 2013

A couple of Weeks ago, I had dropped my cell phone and it was a Iphone which we all know is made of glass and a week before i dropped my phone my daughter also dropped her iphone which was still working so, of course i did not purchase phone insurance and had service with Sprint I had 5...

Radio Shack / refusing to provide refund


On 11/22/12 I ordered an Xbox with free promotional headphones from I returned them to my local radio shack store on 11/30/12 (found a better deal). I opened the shipping box only to confirm both items were there, but I never opened the box containing the Xbox or the...

Radio Shack/virgin Mobile Phone / Not able to exchange or return money


I visited a Radio Shack in Deer Park Texas (store #018246) on November, 24th and purchased an HTC phone with Virgin Mobile. After only having the phone one week I decided to exchange it because I was having to many problems with it to soon! The problem that I am having with the phone i...

RadioShack / cell phone fraud


I purchased a iPhone 4 and paid with my Bank Visa/Debit Card. The store did not have it in stock so they ordered the phone to be available in 2 days. But a person claiming to know me came into the store and the sales associate mistakenly gave them my iPhone. I asked for another iPhone or...

Radio Shack / unauthorized &replacement& charge


I purchased a very inexpensive pair of earbuds on a clearance sale. The clerk asked if I wanted to purchase the replacement plan for them, and I very clearly and distinctly said "no way!" yet when I got home I discovered a 0.99 charge for "electronics replacement" on my c/c receipt. There can...

Radio Shack / doesn't work


i went to Radio Shack at 2010 Wyoming Blvd NE A;biqierqie New Mexico on 4-29 and order a remote controler for my digital box. i paid $19.36 for it to be shipped to my home. When i got my order i put in the batteries that come with it. Upon viewing the control to me it looked used, and when...

Radio Shack Store / rude and ignorant


I have been in the radio shack in bridge hampton on several occasions, leaving everytime frustrated and wanting to scream. they are rude, ignorant and look down at everyone. a friend of mine was in there recently buying batteries and got a smart comment from the male cashier that she wa...

Radio Shack / service plan


My husband purchessed a new cell phone for my birthday the sales rep offered a protection/replacement plan he bought it but upon trying to use it I was told by Al at the warranty phone number given to me by radio shack that hes sorry but the plan we bought doesnt cover accidents even...

Radio Shack / very poor service & lying to customers


Around 3:30pm Thursday 28 July 2011, I enter the RadioShack in "The TownCenter at Bowie" which is in Maryland. I was requiring about a phone advertised in your weekly paper. I was told by the sales person that it wasn't in stock. I asked if I could get a rain check? The sale person...

Radio Shack / misrepresentation of replacement plan


I made a cell phone purchase in december for my son for christmas, the lady who helped me asked if i would like to purchase the replacement plan for the phone and explained that it would cover any damages to the phone. I asked to be sure i understood correctly again she assured that it...

Radio Shack/Pandigital e-reader / refused warranty service on defective product


We purchased two Pandigital e-readers the day after Thanksgiving 2011. My reader has never charged properly - you had to get the cable 'just right' for it to connect. It also frequently reset itself for no good reason. I just dealt with it, since I knew it wasn't 'top...

Radio Shack / service


I purchased a cell phone and the insurance on my phone, in California. I then moved to Arizona and shortly after my phone started acting up so I took it back to Radio Shack and per their policy they were going to ship it back to the warranty department and then send me a gift card (via...

Radio Shack / cell phone protection plan


Gabriel at Radio Shack flat out lied to me about the coverage on their protection plan. I was told that their plan would cover any loss except a lost or stolen cell phone. The phone was dropped and the screen cracked. I call the insurance company and was told it was not covered. I only had...

Radio Shack / poor customer service!


This store is by far, the worst customer-oriented Radio Shack branch I have ever visited. My experience started a few days ago, when I was shopping for a Blackberry Playbook tablet. The night before Black Friday, I visited their website and that location stated they had this item in stock...

Radio Shack / unethical


I am writing regarding my recent experience with Radio Shack. My 12 yr. old needed a calculator for school and I took her to Radio Shack to purchase it. The sales person talked her into upgrading saying it would then be something she could use into college. She took this to school and wa...

Louisville Radio Shack / Poor Management


I entered a radio shack on newcut rd. in louisville ky. when a sales man greeted me at the door I asked him how much HP 60 tri color printer ink was he walked over to it and read me the price from the sticker where it was stocked I said cool ring me up he. He rang me up and told me a...

Radio Shack / employee was rude


I called the Radio Shack at Front and Snyder avenue in Philadelphia, Pa. to ask about an issue I am having with a PC bought there. An African-American answered and I asked him. He told me to hold, then he got back on the phone using an accent, saying he can’t help me. I saw right...

Radio Shack / rude store attendant & manager


On 7/6/11 at 5:50 pm I had called to the store I asked the store attendant if they had any of the HTC 4G Evo Sprint Cellphones in stock. The attendant responded that yes we do have plenty of them in stock I stated that I was on the way needed 2 phones it would take me about 30 minutes to...

Radio Shack / rude, unreasonable manager


I bought my HTC Inspire Device a couple of weeks ago.. I suddenly had a problem with my camera. I never dropped or did damage to the phone. I told this to the store manager and he said that he will exchange my phone for a new one. He told me that I will need the 'box' to make the... / god sake do not waste your money on expedited shipping


So, Saturday morning I went to the Radio Shack store where the store manager and I are now becoming best buds, and asked if the order has been received, the item was a zBoost product that I had ordered for the second time on Thursday. He was not sure and offered to look up the order on the...

Radio Shack / bad customer service


Bad Customer Service ! Ghetto ! and really need to be closed down or hire all new employees including the manager .They don't even greet you when you enter the store, No eye contact when speaking to customers. My AT&T acct was mess up after I bought a phone from them. Long story...

Radio Shack / sr. manager/tj grizzele


Purchased a Cordless Phone battery, spoke to a representative on the 28th of June, we gave her our battery and she told us is it a AT&T phone or another different brand. My husband said, we believe it's the other brand, but, if we purchased the incorrect battery, we would return it...

Radio Shack (Bell CA) / very bad customer service


On Sunday morning (my only day off) I called my local Radio Shack to see if they had any discounts on the HTC EVO. I called the store and spoke to Alex Allan, the assistant store manager, he told me that they had a discount on the Evo and would rebate me $50 if I turned in an old cell...

Radio Shack / failure to replace product timely


Julian Day, CFO of Radio Shack was quoted in 2007 saying In 2007 you were quoted saying “I once went into a RadioShack location incognito in order to gauge customer service, " Day said. "It was about as inviting as a visit to the DMV.” This was many of things in the article...

Radio Shack / dishonesty


Radio ShackI brought a Garmin Nuvi 265WT(GPS) in for Service because the FM traffic receiver doesn't work. I had been in contact with Garmin, Tech support couldn't resolve the problem so I took it into Radio Shack under my service plan & checked the unit in for repair. The unit is less than...

Radio Shack / black friday ad rip off


Radio Shack had an Ad for a Acer Netbook for Black Friday. We got to the store at 2:45am and were the 4th in line. The add said there was a minimum of 1 per store. The Ad should have said there is only 1 per store. We waited in line for 3 hours to find out there was only 1 total in the...

Radio Shack Replacement Service Plan / failure to replace insured headphones


I purchased a product protection plan for two items I bought from Radio Shack. WHen both failed (headphones), I called to get them replaced per the plan. I was told that I had to take the items into my local Radio Shack for them to be inspected. I took my item into the Radio Shack store in...

Radio Shack / unprofessional & misinformed manager


Nov 3, 2010, visited Radio Shack to inquire about DVD palyer. Spoke w/ the so called manager. Was told the item is for on-line order only. Fine, does it deliver to store (free shipping)? "NO, it does not" Checked on-line and the item in fact ships free to store. Called the store, asked for...

Radio Shack / exstened warranties


Purchased 2 year extened warranty/ product protection plan on nextar gps unit, with mp3 and data storage capabilities. It failed returned it for replacement... 1 month later they call me to come pickup a refurbished magellan gps that has no mp3, or data storage features and is without a...