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Raceway / Overcharged

1 Watchung, NJ, United States Review updated:

When I went to this gas station I asked them to put $20 dollars worth of regular into my car but the attendant put $40 into my car but there was no gas in my car because I still had the same number of bars on my gas gauge from when I pulled in. Whenever I put gas in my car it registers very fast and the bars go up almost immediately. I was figuring there must be something wrong with the pump cause I go there every Monday to put gas in my car. So I went in to see the owner and he told that he has seen people like me before that have scammed him to get free gas, he told me his pump is fine and won't give me back my money even though there is no gas in my car. He also told me he expects that 20 bucks that I did not even want in the first place. This was not he first time that they have put more gas in the tank then I have asked for and I am sick of it, they expect me to pay for their mistake and to me that is the biggest scam going. A word of caution to everyone, check your receipt or the pump before you pull out cause you could be getting ripped off.

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  • Va
      8th of Oct, 2008
    Raceway - Price gouging
    215 US-9 S & Union Hill Rd
    New Jersey
    United States

    On Thursday, September 11 at approx. 8:30 PM, I paid $3.23/gallon cash. Then as I was passing by on Sunday, September, 14, the same gas station was asking $3.49 a gallon. The price per barrell has been on the decline and is finally below $100 and yet the price at this station increased $.26 over the weekend. This is gouging at it's finest. Gas station owners are supposed to be charging us for what they paid for the gas. Does this station want me to believe that during decline oil prices, their cost went up $.26 from Thursday to Saturday. I would love to demand to see a delivery sheet from this station owner to show that their cost went up, between those dates and prove to me that they were not taking advantage of Hurricane Ike.

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  • Je
      6th of Jul, 2010
    Raceway - Rude service
    United States

    I stopped at a raceway gas station on mercury blvd in Hampton. I usually get my gas at the raceway on armistead. As I went to put in my credit card there was a faded sign that stated no credit or debit. I went into the store and gave the clerk $40 and said pump 1 please. As I was leaving she yelled, what pump? again I said pump 1. I went to the car, put the hose in the tank and tried to pump the gas. nothing. I went back inside and asked them to put on pump 1. The woman who was going in and out of English and an Asian language told me 'pump broken'. I said if it is broken please put a sign on it. Then she started giving me a hard time, took my money, threw it at me and told me she wouldn't sell me gas and to go somewhere else. I told her no. I was going to get gas. I also told her perhaps in her country she could give lip to a customer and yell at them, but not here. She started yelling at me saying what country? what country? I told her I was going to get gas and I would move to pump 3. Then all of a sudden she said pump 1 was working. Her and another younger woman, who spoke better English were rude. I was angry and demanded the name of the owner, their telephone number. The older woman refused and said at first she was the owner, then she said she was the manager and then she said she just worked there. I told them, including the young Indian Asian boy who was stuffing his face with candy the entire time I was standing there I was not done with them, and walked out.

    I have never been treated so rudely in any gas station in my life as I was in this gas station. I will be sure to tell everyone about the incident . - and if there is a way to find a corporate office, I will, along with posting this on every complaint site I can find.

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