Raceway Gas Station / cashier rudeness!

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I am a female and my husband and I stopped for gas, etc. and to also use the restroom at appr. 4:30 or 5am (morning). I was in the restroom and i was brushing my teeth and washing my face, when the employee there began knocking on the door, telling me to hurry up! Like there was a line at that time of day or something! I told him, the first time he knocked and was very rude that I was 'freshening' up after driving so long and I would be right out. that was not good enough for him, because he continued to knock every 30 seconds and got meaner and meaner. It was a good thing my husband had already gone out to the car. This jerk actually turned OFF the lights on me while I was in the restroom! I told him that I would just take longer if the lights were out, so after about 1 minute, he did turn them back on. I was in there about 6 minutes and when I came out he told me I was not allowed to buy anything there including gas. He was a jerk and i think that the manager of this station needs to know how he treats customers; he will lose their business and if he talks and does stuff like that to the 'wrong' person, he may get what he dishes out one of these days!

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  • Na
      4th of Dec, 2012

    Hey, I encountered the same thing at Raceway gas station, too! The jerk man told me that I am not allowed to go to their gas station anymore because I used their bathroom everyday! Which is not true, but I did pump my gas their every time I need gas! As a faithful customer I thought it is OK to use their bathroom sometimes! And then he said he didn't make any money if I use credit to buy gas. He said he only make 3 cents per gallon and if I use credit card he only makes 1 cent /gallon. So, the only way he could make money is that I pay cash inside the store or buying items from the store! I am sorry to hear that and he said go to somewhere else, never come back! This is the first time I heard anything like that from a gas station. For sure, I am so embarrassed for disappointed someone in such a way!

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  • Na
      4th of Dec, 2012

    The other raceway gas station(FL, Gibsonton)
    I was told by the cashier that I am not allowed to go back to the gas station because I used their bathroom everyday.(which is not true, though I did use sometimes) thinking I bought my gas at their station everytime I need gas for so many years as a faithful customer, it should be ok to use their bathroom sometimes! But the man told me he didn't make anymoney from me buying gas because I use credit card. He said he only make 3 cents per gallon from me, if I used credit card only 1 cent he will make, thus the only way he could make money is I paid him cash inside the store or buying items from the store. He asked me not to come back because I made him lose money! I am paying this high price of gas all this year from this Raceway gas station but was embarrassed by this Indian man who behave like jerk... As he pleased, I will never go back to this gas station for sure.

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  • 05
      20th of May, 2015

    The customer service is pathetic at one of the raceway store (999) at gibsonton drive FL.
    I bought gum, milk, bread, sandwich and few more items from the store and the cashier was very rude and over charging me. the restrooms were filthy and it was a very bad experience.
    The owners were indians and they said, people like you come everyday and we dont care if you take your business someplace else.
    i hope management makes a note of it and make sure that business is grown by giving stores to people who know how to do a decent customer service.

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