Quest Diagnostics / check in @ quest office

New Haven CT., United States

My daughter (Angelique Rodriguez and I went to the 40 Temple St. New Haven CT. Office 8/31/18 @ 8:30 -9:15 am. About 6 people checked in and ended walking out. One patient had an appt. Every time someone tried to speak to the attendant she would tell them check in first. She wouldn't answer questions ..absolutely rude. The lady with the appt. Kept asking if she was in the right place and again the person rudely told her to check in. Then she (attendant) prompted her to state what her testing was for in front of everyone. The lady took offense to her questioning personal information instead of looking at her lab request sheet. And walked out. This type of behavior has gone on for over a month (stated in your reviews) and you have apparently done nothing. After waiting for more then a half hour my daughter was told that the person in charge of Urine analyzes was not there. This person needs to be reprimanded.

We left and went to Quest :172 Wash. Ave. North Haven CT.06473... 8/31/18 @ 11:30 service was excellent only one person there. Polite, efficient and quick.Didn't need two people for urine analyzes.

Aug 31, 2018

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