Qatar Airways / missing luggage from flight

United States

I flew from Khartoun via flight no.QR-521 to Doha-Qatar on 22nd October since I have one hour and a half stop over in Doha .My bag was taged for Doha QR-521 and then to QR-624 Kuala Lumpur. Upon my arrival I can not find my bag and reported to Property Irregularity Report in Kuala Lumpur. After checking online staff find out the bags were detained in Doha-Qatar. Due to this irresponsible manner of Qatar Airways staff I have to bear a loss of time and money, have my apartments keys in the bag and have to pay for hotel one night plus still several items are missing i.e. a hard drive, a mouse, etc.

Still waiting to received my lost objects in Kuala Lumpur and an explaination on this matter.


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