Qantas Service / qantas staff are so unprofessional and rude

melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Qantas staff at checking counter are so unprofessional, rude not only that they lack class and decorum. I was travelling from Melbourne to Sydney and onwards to new York with American airliners, during checking at the connection counter at domestic airport the staff refuse to check my baggage to new York, according to her my ticket was not linked or part of despite the fact American airliner is part of one world and Qantas network. All my effects fail trying to explain to her that I have travel a million times with Qantas and American airliners and it was link on my frequent flyer and the airliner is part of Qantas network and she shouldn't have any problem tagging my baggage for the international leg. How she was so damn rude and unprofessional and god I couldn't believe her behavior/ demeanor, either she was new or she didn't know her job, all she did was just continuously argue with me, she just pick up the phone and was pretending to talk someone enquiring god knows what?? and as if people are so stupid and they cant tell when you are exactly talking to someone in the end I just couldn't bear it all and I had to leave, upon making a formal complain with Qantas I still till to date haven't received any feedback or response on my complain, Qantas has become the worst airliner in terms of it staff attitude towards customers, I cant believe we as customers invest so much In the airliner and this is the service we get good on you Qantas keep up with this attitude and service and you will eventually run out of business..

Jan 7, 2015

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