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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I recently got married and travelled to Canada and Vegas for my honeymoon. My husband and I decided to fly with Qantas as we felt that we could trust your company to provide a stress-free holiday. However, as it turned out, that was not the case.

On arrival to Los Angeles from Sydney we were meant to get another flight to Calgary, Canada. However, due to the flight (QF11) being delayed, and then also the flights baggage being delayed in getting to passengers, we missed our next flight (West Jet WS1513).

After our 14 hour flight from Sydney, we were then ushered to a long line where all passengers were having to make other arrangements and get another flight. Once we were finally served, we were told by the Qantas staff that the only flight available was at 8.30pm that night (Air Canada AC579), meaning we would have to wait at LA airport all day. It also meant that we would miss our pre-paid shuttle bus to transport us from Calgary airport to our resort which was 2.5 hours away and we would have to make alternate arrangements.

Unsatisfied with this, I searched web jet to check if, in fact, there were no other flights available. I found several other flights and one in particular with West Jet (QF3357), that would be suitable and would get us out of LA airport sooner rather than later. It would take us to Edmonton, where we would then get another flight to Calgary (QF3370). Again, after lining up in long queues, as other passengers for other flights needed to check in, we arrived at the counter to be served and book our flight. However we were then told that we are unable to book the flight requested as Qantas staff had already assigned us to the flight at 8.30pm. Our only option was to go back to the Qantas area and try sort it out.

We walked up and down LA airport several times to sort out this issue and on our last attempt to approach Qantas staff we were unable to do so, as we couldn't re-enter that area for security reasons. Also, the staff member we had originally spoken to had either gone on her break or finished her shift as she was no longer there. We did not get the staff members name at the time, but as a representative of Qantas, her service was extremely poor. She did not seem interested in assisting us and was more concerned with
moving on to the next customer.

We returned to the West Jet counter and we were advised that the best thing to do would be to call Qantas and resolve the issue. Therefore I had no other option but to call Qantas on my mobile phone. Which I did. It took 45 mins to resolve the issue. On returning to Australia, even though I had activated international roaming and charges, I discovered that this cost me $135.

Once we arrived in Calgary, as we had missed our pre-paid shuttle, we then had to pay $270 for a taxi to transport us to our resort. We had to travel at midnight on roads cover in snow, which was not ideal. If Qantas had not caused us to miss our flight, we should have been in our resort at 6pm and enjoying our first night of our honeymoon.

Instead, we arrived extremely exhausted and frustrated and out of pocket $405.

However, thats not where it ends.

We then had to return home. Again with Qantas.

We go to LA airport to check in and are informed at the counter that our flight has been delayed. Our 10.30pm (QF12) flight will now be departing at 12.45am. No notification had been sent to us to inform us of this change. So, again we are forced to wait at the airport. While we are waiting, we continue to check the information board for flight details and discover that it has been further delayed. Now we will not be leaving until 2am. Once we finally board, the pilot then apologises for the delay but then informs us that there is a further delay. A passenger will not be flying with us today and all the luggage needs to be removed from the plane, his bags found and removed and then all the baggage put back on the plane. This caused another 30min delay.

Both my husband and I are Qantas Frequent Flyers and always choose Qantas when possible. In fact, for domestic flights we also choose your partner company Jetstar over other airlines if possible.

We are very disappointed, to say the least, that we experienced such frustration and disruptions on our honeymoon. To be honest, we expected a lot more from your airline. We chose Qantas because we thought they were reliable and would make travel during our honeymoon a great experience. Yet it is the only part of our honeymoon that let us down.

Now, on return to Australia, I have a Telstra bill which is $135 more than what it should be due to having to try and sort out the issue of organising another flight. Also, when stating at the time to the Qantas customer service staff that this phone call would cost me a great deal and that I would like to be reimbursed, she stated that my phone bill is not something that is their issue. I found her response to be immensely rude considering Qantas was responsible for the delay, for us having to find our own new flight due to staff incompetence, for us missing our pre-paid shuttle, for us having to pay extra for a taxi to get us to the resort and for causing us so much stress at the very start of our honeymoon.

As loyal Qantas customers, we would like to know what your airline is going to do to compensate us for this experience? Please don’t let us down again.

Jan 25, 2017

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