Qantas Airwaysthe incompetence of the frequent flyer support staff

For the last 7 weeks I have been trying to get conformation sent to Qatar Airlines that Qantas have not credited my QFF with flights i have taken from Qatar to Melbourne and back also Qatar to Sydney and back because of code booking. Qatar Airlines are willing to credit my Privilage program if Would supply conformation that they have not credited which you have not.
I keep sending emails for past 7 weeks explaing this ordeal to Qantas and have supplied everything they ask for but still, as of todays email, am recieving the same god Damn answer " Sorry sir as we have explained in previous email, we cannot credit your QFF with these flights because of code booking. So i am at wits end with you mob and this has and is causing me alot of stress and discomfort as is expressed in my wording in every email i am having to continueously send because of the incompetence of Qantas Staff in QFF.
Im almost at the point of going to see a Lawyer and sue for stress related symtoms which are out of control everytime i get the ridiculous replies from the QFF department.

Nov 22, 2017

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