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My complaint is about the Qantas Frequent Flyer programme, the unexpected cancellation of my 93, 788 frequent flyer points, and the programme representative I spoke with this morning UK Time, who terminated the call without notice when I asked to speak with a supervisor. I did this when it became obvious she lacked the knowledge or authority to respond with anything except a scripted repetition of the "rules".

When I joined the Frequent Flyer Programme I was told that the points accrued would never expire. My last flight using a One World airline was 11 February 2016. Although I did fly in August 2016, it was not possible to book a One World airline at the last minute.

On 27 August 2017 - note that is over 18 months after my last One World flight - I received an email offering 25% off an opportunity to use my points. There was no indication that the points were near expiry. That is the last communique I received from Qantas.

Between August 2016 and April 2018, I was too busy with work to fly. I planned to use my points in the summer of 2018 on a well-deserved holiday. When I looked into what I could use the points for in early May 2018, I discovered my points had been cancelled. I also had some issues accessing my account, which initially was indicated as ‘closed'. By whom and on what authority? Certainly not mine.

In response, to the loss of points I sent a complaint via your online complaint form. The reference number is [protected]. After 7 days I received an email reply that stated the points earned would not expire as long as there was activity every 18 months. This is not what I was told when I signed up, nor was any reminder or other indication of the points' potential expiry provided at sign up or at any time since. As noted above, the programme was still making offers to use the points after the 18-month period had passed.

During a call earlier today to try to resolve this matter through the Frequent Flyer Programme, I had a rather frustrating discussion about what I was told and what I was notified about and when, during which the programme representative insisted that I had been told about the 18-month requirement and that I had received a notice of expiry. Neither is true, and her presumption of knowledge she could not possibly have was offensive. I repeatedly told her neither had occurred, then I asked her if the 18-month period was in fact a requirement, why was I being solicited to use the points after that time was passed? It was at this point, when she failed to answer my question with anything but a repetition of the "rules", that I requested to speak with someone with more knowledge. She then terminated the call without additional response.

This is unacceptable. I want my points restored in full immediately, at a minimum.

Jun 05, 2018

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