Qantas Airwaysconnection from melbourne to london

On the 24th of July I flew Qantas from brisbane to Melbourne, I was to catch the connecting Qatar flight to London. On landing in Melbourne we were forced to make holding patterns delaying our arrival. Once we landed there were Qantas ground staff to help us to our connecting gate. I was very impressed by this. Once through security the staff asked us to stand and wait by the duty free. We waited for at least 15 minutes before they reappeared and as we started making our way to the gate we were informed that the gate had been closed and our flight missed. This was less then ideal as we would have easily made the flight had we not listened to your staff. To your credit, a seat on a connection to london was provided. This however is where my issues started. I am gluten intolerant and had booked meals on my original flight. I informed the staff that were organising the connection flights and was given a gf meal on the first leg but was not on the second leg to London. Once I arrived in London, I found after an hour of extra waiting that my luggage had not been loaded.
I am over here for a hiking and trekking holiday and I have booked and prepared for months now. Without my bag I am ill prepared and very uncomfortable.
Blisters, rain and the extra cost of repurchasing essential pieces of my lost kit have my very unhappy and less than impressed.

Jul 28, 2017

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