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Toronto, ON, Canada
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I was waiting whole day for the urgent Purolator delivery. Postponed all the business, lost some money. Driver had full address and my full name. Instead of putting my name into the buzzer the driver decided to cheat and just marked "Address correction required - no entry code". So I did not get anything in time and have to cancel the purchase because of this terrible delivery service.

This is not the first time when Purolator makes everything to put me down. I strongly recommend to avoid trusting this company with any kind of delivery. Terrible service and experience!!!

  • Purolator Customer Care's Response, Dec 06, 2016

    Hi OlegM,

    I’m very sorry to hear we were unable to complete the delivery on the scheduled date.

    If your name is on the directory, even if your entry code is missing, the driver should have indeed looked it up and contacted you.

    If you could please send us the tracking information to customer.[protected], we’ll follow up with the appropriate management team.

    Thank you,

    Customer CareTeam/ Purolator Inc.
    E-mail: customer.[protected] / Twitter Handle: @PurolatorHelp

  • Updated by OlegM, Dec 06, 2016

    I rented the truck today for my own - spent 3 hours and driven about 70 km to pick up the washer I did not get yesterday. BTW for some reason I did not get any notification from driver yesterday - this is just confirmed that this person did not even leave the truck to avoid this washer delivery to the apartment.

    One more time I strongly recommend to avoid Purolator delivery services to keep yourself healthy and happy!!!

Dec 05, 2016

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