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Toronto, ON, Canada

On friday october 19, 2018, I phoned for your same day service and was transferred to a third party delivery service without my knowledge. I spoke to a representative (rami) who was competent enough to take my information. Thank god for small miracles like this! I gave a unit number and said I did not mind if anyone from the unit signed upon receiving my document. I specifically used a name for the receiver but also agreed that as long as it was delivered to the exact unit I would be ok. Two hours later I get a confirmation email and read that the concierge had signed for my parcel. This is alarming because my client and the concierge do not have the same name, nor do they have a relationship. Slightly pissed, I phoned the driver and asked who this person was and if they were in the unit of the building I needed my document delivered to. The driver says he did not want to wait for my client to come downstairs and accept the delivery so he left it with the front desk for her to pick it up. He did not wait to confirm that it was in her hands, nor did he wait for a signature from the exact individual who I had specified as the receiver. My pissed-off levels increased incrementally after this exchange with what sounded like an irresponsible and incompetent delivery man. I phoned back this shady same day department because this doesn't sound like a billion dollar company who goes by the name of purolater. Rami picks up again and informs me that they are a third party company who purolater uses as a subcontractor for such deliveries. He says they are called sci which unfortunately he could not expand on when I asked what the acronym was. Welp! I'm not a hater and respect the hustle of a company who can delegate duties to a third party for the purposes of expansion and (ultimately) to make profitable gains. I proceeded to ask rami who his ceo was and he had no clue. I requested a manager (amina/emina karalasingam) but she was not in the office. I found it disturbing, unfair, inconsiderate that this sci company could sleep good at night not giving a damn if my documents were delivered or not and just despicable that they didn't care to give me any reassurance. I paid and sci received my funds within seconds but I had to wait 48 hours to get a delicate situation escalated to a manager to resolve? Hmm. That did not add up. From a business stand point sci or purolater is directly responsible for making me look like an incompetent individual who has no respect for legal documents for her own clients which pay her. When amina or emina from sci phoned me back on monday october 22, at 10 am, she was rude and adamant on the fact that sci did nothing wrong in the situation. She was dismissive and did not take the time to see my point of view. The fact that she could not sympathize with a customer who paid her for a service her colleagues could not provide correctly is just disgusting. I was mortified. Since when do people pay someone to treat them like a second class citizen? I mean who else is she abusing with her self imposed sense of authority. If she had taken the time to listen to my recorded conversation with rami she would have heard me say that I am asking them to deliver a legal document to my client. Rami did not care as long as my credit card information was correct. He repeated the number several times to make sure it was correct but he could not repeat the instructions I was giving him enough to reiterate it to the driver? Please! In addition to all the tom foolery, amin/emina was just uninterested and beat around the bush when I asked her direct and clear questions such as "do you believe that sci/purolater followed the correct protocol when handling my documents"? She also avoided answering directly by restating my request to have anyone sign upon deliver. I asked her several times to clarify what she heard on the recording because after listening to it myself (yes I recorded the conversation because its 2018 and you can't take chances because people want you to play yourself and idiots like this really exist!) I could hear myself saying on the recording that anyone in unit * could sign it. I completely understand that some buildings have rules where non residents cannot go upstairs however, that does not stop your delivery man from waiting downstairs patiently until anyone from the specified unit comes and signs. Since he was in a rush to leave then i'm also in a rush to get back my $65 for this crappy service. But that won't happen right purolater? Hmmm something doesn't add up here. Moving forward I phoned the senior operations manager-tharshi rajh. I wasn't surprised when she said she was not familiar with all of the details of my issue but to still go ahead and state my side. After a few sentences her objections started. One of her objections were that sci does not deliver legal documents that are intended to serve someone! I was appalled! I was stunned. Here is the superior of amina/emina and she used her mediocre inductive reasoning tactics to derive to the conclusion that my documents were legal in that nature. Lmao (laughing my ass off but really just livid because the level of perplexity my mind reached was unimaginable). I stopped tharshi rajh in her tracts and informed her that it would be wise if she stopped talking (since my call was being recorded on my end) and that she review the tapes and hear exactly what was said. Her assumptions were uncalled for because we all know what happens when we make assumptions. Anyway. She continued to say that I was attempting to serve someone and that this delivery shouldn't have happened anyway. Since no one was serving anyone anything (well maybe amina/emina should have served some common sense to tharshi rajh but thats besides the point) I asked tharshi rajh to listen because it was never stated that my legal document was serving anyone. I can't imagine how small someones mind must be to conclude that legal documents are only used for the sole purpose of serving someone. It's 2018 and i'm not a lawyer but google searches are a god sent when attempting to educate yourself on worldly matters. Just saying. Moving forward I advised tharshi rajh to not say anything without listening to what had transpired between me and her subordinates. Then I requested a call back when she had an informed opinion on the matter because her incompetent attitude was disgraceful. Right now i'm waiting for tharshi rajh to familiarize herself with my complaint and call me back so I can get her official opinion on the record regarding this traumatizing matter. It boils my blood that people can take advantage of others in the most unjust ways and think that there aren't any ramifications for their actions. Its almost 2019 and if the word accountability is not in your vocabulary then be prepared to lose millions of dollars. I don't care for your money but it seems like big companies only listen when their finances are the wise words of kevin hart-"you gon' learn taday!!!"

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