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I placed an order with Abercrombie and their delivery company is Purolator. Have to mention that this is not my first order, in fact is the third one. Out of the three orders the Purolator delivery employee left only once a delivery notice for me.
This last time my husband was home when the Purolator employee came, he called the buzzer my husband open the door and waited for the guy to came with the package...and he never did. He didn't left any delivery notice either. When I checked online the status of the delivery it said "attempted to deliver failed".
I talked to the online help support desk asking them to give me the location from where I could pick up my package. She offered a second delivery but I did refused because I didn't want to end up in the same situation as my husband on Friday, so I told her that I will go on pick it up. I even received a code that I was advised to use it at the location in order to pick up my package ( the code is different from the tracking number).
I went to the 11 Morse street, Toronto, On location and I addressed my problem to the young lady that worked their. She asked me for my tracking number and I gave her what I had for tracking number, but unfortunately for me it was incomplete. She tell me that is an invalid tracking number...nothing wrong so far... then I tell her the story with the delivery guy that came and my husband opening for him, but he never came upstaire or left a delivery notice. I tell her that the customer service gave me a confirmation number and assured me that I will have the package available on site. She tell me that she needs the tracking number... I have asked her to try to find the package by name, address and she told me she can't...Really!!! How is it possible ??? May be she needs more computer training ! (Just a suggestion to her manager)
Went to my car, called Abercrombie and found the proper tracking number. I go back and I give her the proper tracking number and I can tell you that I was frustrated by now... and I asked her how is it possible for the driver to leave after my husband open for him and funny enough she looks at me and tell me that was "an invalid or wrong address" Excuse me !!!It is ridiculous !!!
I can tell after all three experience with Purolator that it is the worst delivery company that I know and I hope I do not have to use it ever again.
For the manager in charge of the 11 Morse Street Unit, Toronto, On - Please offer more training to you drivers and the people on site. Customer service skills are non existent! To bad because you guys make you living from this services. What was the logo on your delivery trucks? Something like: Delivery? We make it better! Sorry to let you know, but you guys are not even close to achieve any of your logo promises.

Feb 27, 2016
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  •   Feb 29, 2016


    Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience the situation may have caused.

    The drivers should certainly be giving the receiver an adequate amount of time when delivering and coming up to the apartment if they are buzzed up. If there is no answer, at that point, a notice of delivery should be left if there is a safe place to do so, such as in an indoor lobby or access to the mailboxes.

    In order to look up a shipment, our staff does need to have the tracking number, as this is the way or system is set up. It is sometimes possible to find a tracking number with the receiver’s info, but the best thing is to have the number with you.

    Would it be possible to email your tracking number to customer.[protected] We’ll look into the situation.

    Thank you,

    Social Media Coordinator / Customer Care Team

    Purolator Inc.
    E-mail: customer.[protected]

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