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I had bought a Doberman puppy at 16 weeks on February 22nd and was supposed to receive him on the 28th. Three days before I wa supposed to get him I got a call saying that the breeder was out of town for business and wouldn't be able to put him on a plane until the 15th of the next month. I was clearly upset by this since I just spent over 2 grand on a dog and am now getting him a month later and now have no idea if he's being socialized or even taken care of well. I proceeded to have to fight with people over the phone to even find out that it was the breeders brother taking care of my dog for over three weeks. but still didn't understand why if the the brother was competent enough to handle and takecare of the dog why couldn't he bring him to the vet and put him on the plane and when I told them I was concerned about the fact that it was someone who has no stake in my dog making it to me alive I was laughed at and told it would all be fine. Come to find out, I get a call 6 days before I'm supposed to get my dog that he has been hit by a car and is deceased. Something just doesn't add up with this at all. The dogs were playing in the yard but only mine got run over? And how is it a person runs over a 5 month old Doberman that's probably around 40 lbs? Worst experience possible and when hanging up after hearing the news the woman said I hope we can still keep your bussiness. Guess what that's gonna be a no. Had I gotten the dog when I was supppsed to or even when I begged and pleaded for them to send him to me he would be plauying with his toys right now instead of being dead. Or who knows maybe they sold him to someone else for more money. This company is a joke with their "reputable" breeders.


Mar 08, 2017

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