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Do not buy from puppyspot. They were otherwise known as purebred breeders and if you look up all the wrong they have done, and the poor animals they have delivered to people it will make you run for the hills. Absolutely horrible company, they have no ethics, and the poor dogs they are touting as pure breeds are not. Our poor french bulldog developed demodex 2 months after we got him, seizures 2 months later. Then required two separate back surgeries over the course of two years.

[Resolved] puppy

Do not buy a dog from puppy spot formally know as purebreeders.com. They keep changing their name to hide from all their wrong doings and lawsuits!!! I bought a goldendoodle from them in september 2016 he came with a clean bill of health from a vet clinic signed by catherine lewis in north carolina. The golden doodle came with hookworm and giardia in his stools and an ear infection. The vet signed the papers that all was clear and he was healthy. The breeders must pay off this particular vet. He also has severe hip dysplasia needs major surgery for around $7000. I complained to puppy spot on countless occasions and they will not refund my money all they said was I can return him which of course I would never do! These people are crooks and they run puppy mills and they're disgusting people! Please to not buy any animal from them we need to shut them down. ! The amount of medical bills, heartache and stress this dog has put on our family because of this company is horrendous!

  • Resolution Statement

    They are working with me to give me back some money towards the cost of the dog.

  • Ve
    vetjade Jul 17, 2017

    For those people who read the above comment please understand that I in no way mean that the buyer is at fault, however, puppyspot deals with individual breeders. Each one is separate in how they handle their dogs, which dogs they breed, and the health clearances they take on their parent dogs. In as such, please make sure you are asking the right questions for your breed and that can actually help you avoid the problem the above customer had. ANY breeder can sell any dog in the US they want. If two parents are registered with the AKC, then the puppy can be registered. NONE of those things are a guarantee of health. And a breeder cant guarantee the health of a puppy either, however, they can do many things to try to limit the risk of congenital problems in their puppies. The above cross, a golden retriever to a poodle is a likely candidate for hip dysplasia and asking if the parent dogs had been evaluated by OFA or PennHip wouldve been a good question to ask. Poodles can have PRA and luxating patellas, which can also be cleared through genetic testing. The question you should ask are if the parents have had all health clearances recommended for the breed. If parents are clear, then puppies are likely clear (although not always). So ask the right question and you will likely get a healthy puppy because if the answer is NO, then don't buy from that breeder. It is that simple. Whether from Puppy Spot or locally, you can be duped. But good breeders test their breeding parents for problems. If they dont test, dont buy!! At least you will help encourage the good breeders by supporting their business practices and you won't be promoting the bad breeders and having to pay the extensive veterinary bills. I am sorry this customer had to deal with hip dyplasia, it is an awful disease, but being a hybrid (golden doodle) does not protect the dog from diseases from both breeds that go in to the mix. Sad

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  • Jm
    JMB34 Mar 19, 2018

    @vetjade Shouldn't you be automatically asking those questions on behalf of your clients? If not than what is the benefit of using your services?

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  • Ch
    Char D Jul 16, 2018

    @vetjade Being unfamiliar with what to look for in a reputable dog breeder, I purchased a pup for my daughter from puppyspot because they represented that they were knowledgeable and would screen the breeders. As inexperienced dog owners, we were willing to pay their outrageous fee. After a year, our pup was diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia. We have had surgery on one hip for a cost of $7000. I asked puppyspot for a refund of only the purchase price, but have received nothing. I have since discovered that neither parent of our puppy had appropriate health certifications. So much for screening the breeders. This has been a total nightmare.

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the entire situation

I had bought a Doberman puppy at 16 weeks on February 22nd and was supposed to receive him on the 28th. Three...


no akc number provided on a puppy I was interested...

I was interested in a puppy and asked for the AKC number of the pup so I could do some research. Wanted to see both parents and the breeding facility where they were raised!

Instead of giving me the information I requested I got a hard sell..
"this puppy won't last long! You need to move fast to reserve her, etc? "

When I wanted the information listed above... Got an email saying I could have her at a reduced price! REALLY!!! This is highly suspect in my opinion! If you can not get the info listed above... don't buy!

Never got the info I was seeking!

With all the marketing they do on their website saying these are AKC registered puppies, why won't they give you the AKC number?
Buyer beware!!!

  • Ab
    ablackwave Mar 13, 2017

    Puppies don't get registered until you actually purchase them. That's not just puppyspot that is all breeders. There is no puppy registration number until the new dog owner pays the AKC to complete the registration. It sounds like puppyspot failed to cover that which is absolutely on them but that is why they didn't give that to you. I purchased my puppy there and got everything I needed. Try asking for a litter registration number. I also checked out the actualy puppyspot USDA registration number on the website and everything came back legit. Wonderful experience all around. I was put in contact with the breeder when my puppy arrived and they have been magnificent. Ill be purchasing from them again soon.

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false advertising and fraud

December 18, 2016 I purchased a long haired chihuahua from puppyspot.com as a christmas gift for my kids. He was falsely advertised as a long haired chihuahua, which parents weighed 4 and 5 pounds each. At his last vet check he weighed 5 pounds at 4 months of age. Dogs continue to grow up until a year and he was estimated by the vet to grow up to 12 pounds. I contacted Puppyspot.com regarding my concern on the double, maybe triple weight the vet had estimated. They told me I was feeding the puppy too much and that was why he was growing so much. I was appalled that they would say such a thing as if a chihuahua can grow into a great dane if you overfeed it? I submitted a claim with them regarding the false advertising to which they said they would contact the breeder and get more information regarding the puppies' parents. I was again surprised they had not gathered that information before they would list a dog for $2, 500 dollars and use what I thought were reputable breeders. The breeder responded that the dogs had grown a pound in the two months since I had purchased the dog. Considering the dogs were 4 and 5 pounds that is 25% of their weight increase in two months. Breeding practices recommend to bread a dog at least when they are a year to a year and half old. Dogs stop growing at a year. If they bred a dog before the dog was fully developed that is poor breeding practices. If the dog was weighed much before and the weight had not been updated before it was pregnant it is false advertising. I have never purchased a dog sight unseen however I felt that I could trust puppyspot. Boy was I wrong, I overpaid for a dog that is probably not worth more than $300, shipped a puppy from California to Texas and have spent several hundreds of dollars on vet bills for shots and ear mites since he arrived to me with ear mites. I continued to contact puppyspot as I wanted a $1, 500 refund and they responded that they could not guarantee the weight of their dogs. I could understand this if the weight variation was a pound or two however this is a significant weight difference. They said no, so I then proceeded to ask to return the dog and get a full refund including all of his shots and vet expenses. They again said no and have not resolved the issue of fraud and false advertising. I have never reported a business with the BBB however I feel grossly violated, I believe they are committing fraud and false advertising, I believe they are stealing money from customers such as myself who trusted them and believed they were buying from reputable and responsible breeders.

  • Updated by chantellet · Mar 07, 2017

    Finally spoke to someone helpful at PuppySpot and got a refund for $400. Cherie was very helpful communicating with me and the breeder and getting me less than half of the refund I had requested. Mostly she was sympathetic and kind and I appreciated her. I still do not believe they have reputable breeders for the price you are paying for the dogs. I recommend they clarify that the prices of the animals they sell reflect the "health guarantee" as well as brokers fee.

  • Gh
    Ghggp Feb 23, 2017

    Why not report to the BBB? You would help others to not get scammed!

    I was interested in a puppy and asked for the AKC number of the pup so I could do some research. Wanted to see both parents and the breeding facility where they were raised! Instead of giving me the information I requested I got a hard sell..
    this puppy won't last long! You need to move fast to reserve her, etc? When I wanted the information listed above. Got an email saying I could have her at a reduced price! REALLY!!! This is highly suspect in my opinion! If you can not get the info listed above... don't buy!
    Never got the info I was seeking!

    With all the marketing they do on their website saying these are AKC registered puppies, why won't they give you the AKC number?

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  • Ko
    Kodiebear Feb 27, 2017

    Contact the US Attorney's office in Florida - [email protected] They are addressing the issues.

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  • Gh
    Ghggp Feb 27, 2017

    They finally did send photos of the parents. They are nothing like AKC standard shelties.
    I was very disappointed in the hard sell and lack of AKC registration information!

    Their response... I don't have her AKC registration number, but all of our puppies come with limited registration upon purchase.

    For the amount of $2, 000 they wanted for this puppy, I would have hoped the parents were registered champions! The parents were nothing like that! I passed... going directly to a Registered AKC breeder now!

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  • Re
    repm Mar 12, 2017

    I would recommend to anyone that if they want to adopt a dog that they just go to the local shelter! You'll be able to at least see what they are getting and it sure won't cost $2500!!!

    If you want a purebred, adopt a retired racing greyhound. I have 6 (yes, y) and they are wonderful dogs. And there are many reputable groups out there which rescue purebreds who have the dogs and who you can interact with directly and who don't charge anything close to $2500!!!

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breeder experience

I'm sure there are customers out there who have had a great experience with puppyspot. com but from a breeder's perspective, this place is an absolute joke. They have a team of salespeople who collect everything but your social security number to "approve" you to be able to sell on their site. Pedigree documents, pictures of the living quarters, pictures of sire and dam, proof that they're being seen by a vet (All great things for buyers). But once they collect that information and you become an "approved breeder" you'll never hear from them again. Countless calls unreturned, just as many emails never acknowledged. Promises about waitlisted clients, and celebrities seeking your puppy are all lies. We listed 7 puppies from our litter, collectively they amassed over 20, 000 views.. Not one inquiry was received. On top of that I couldn't tell if the counts were even accurate because the would fluctuate up to 300 views up and down every day.

Buyers beware, there is over $2, 000 in markup by these guys, forcing honest breeders to take lower prices because they won't budge on their profit margins. I've read several horror stories - do your research before buying. Ill never do (This type of business) with anyone whose hand I can't shake.

The best part of working with these con artists was marking the puppies sold before they could, by doing my own marketing and making personal connections with my new owners.

Breeders this place is a scam to collect all you information and provide you no servoce whatsoever. Beware.

  • Gh
    Ghggp Feb 23, 2017

    I find it interesting that they require so much information about you but won't share it with a potential buyer.
    I was interested in a puppy and asked for the AKC number of the pup so I could do some research. Wanted to see both parents and the breeding facility where they were raised! Instead of giving me the information I requested I got a hard sell..
    this puppy won't last long! You need to move fast to reserve her, etc? When I wanted the information listed above. Got an email saying I could have her at a reduced price! REALLY!!! This is highly suspect in my opinion! If you can not get the info listed above... don't buy!
    Never got the info I was seeking!

    With all the marketing they do on their website saying these are AKC registered puppies, why won't they give you the AKC number?

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  • Sa
    Samuelw Mar 08, 2018

    They don't share the breeder information as they fear people would skip them and go directly to the breeder.

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  • Ro
    Robin Dawn Sadieh Nov 02, 2018

    The reason I really wanted to use PuppySpot to place my English Bulldog puppies was they are sold "Pet Only." This way I feel they are going to families that really want them as family members not large breeders.

    PuppySpot works hard to make a customer happy. You are paying THOUSANDS more than what myself as a breeder sell these puppies for outside. I offer a one year health guarantee. PuppySpot holds the breeder accountable for the health of the puppy. I fully understand this but if there are any issues PuppySpot comes right back to the breeder. They aren't offering you something special on top of what most breeders provide. I stand behind my puppies.

    What they don't realize is they also work for the breeder. They have a mindset that we're here because our puppies can't sell otherwise. In order for me to furnish you with healthy, playful and excellent bloodlines I put a lot of work and spend a lot of money. To have quality dogs they really need to work with a breeder. Not all puppies have the same excellent bloodlines. Please research the heritage of the puppy you're considering. There are some English Bulldog puppies on their site I wouldn't ever consider buying. A purebred dog doesn't always mean your getting the best bloodline available.

    It appears everyone works in a different office. There is no organization and no one knows what the other person has done or said. My last puppy was supposed to be at the airport at 10 am. A late night email changed this to 6 am. I wouldn't even have known this but I happen to look at my email around 4. I call to double check this because it's a 45 minute drive to the airport. I was there at 6 am just to find out it was 10. Now I'm looking at a 4 hour wait. They are not honest. The flight chaperone called me to say she missed her flight and she couldn't make it there in time for the 10 am flight. They told me she did not miss her flight and it was my fault I didn't meet her at 10 am. The chaperone called me directly to tell me so in detail. The travel delays a customer may experience may have nothing to do with the breeder getting the puppy to you. It's a complete lack of coordination of any of the arrangements. I lost the sale on this puppy because the customer was so upset about her not being delivered when told.

    At the health check if there are any health issues or cosmetic issues they cancel the sale. Ok I can understand that but sometimes it's a simple issue that can be remedied. They cancelled the sale on one of mine then called me to say the buyer backed out. That was just a flat out lie. They didn't even contact me to discuss anything before just cancelling the sale. Why not work with the breeder and discuss what the issue is? They have a vet assistant instead of a licensed vet. Some common issues are inherent to the breed but easily fixed within a couple days.

    If you want a quality dog for THOUSANDS LESS start looking online for breeders. Go to AKC Marketplace, look at FB Clubs especially for Bulldogs. Ask for references on breeder. Make sure you get a health guarantee. Make sure the breeder has completed health checks on adults before breeding. In my opinion try to find small in home breeders not large kennels. I'm not going to breed bulldogs if they aren't inside snoring and laying around my feet. If you do look to buy from a kennel find out about their facilities. There are definitely good ones where the owners truly care and became breeders for the love of the breed.

    Just do your homework and you can find the perfect puppy. There are breeders looking specifically to place their babies with loving families.

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puppyspot.com brokers.. read reviews here

3 horror stories here. By honest people scammed by puppyspot Luigi. Ciuffardihorrible store and horrible...

haven for puppmills. sells by photos. what pup you receive is anyone's guess.

Puppyspot has kennels and puppymills sending them photos of puppies and puppyspot posts the photos of the...


My mother purchased a German Rottweiler from this company-well a least they said it was a German Rottweiler. My children and I were waiting at her house for the arrival of the newest family member, he was flown in from Texas, and little did I know that once he arrived home I would spend the next 3 hours picking over 150+ fleas from this 8 week old baby. I worked at a vet office for 8 years and this puppy was one of the worst cases I have ever seen. Since he was too young to treat with any flea medication, I placed him in a sink of warm water so that the fleas would travel to his head, their were so many they were crawling in his eyes, ears, mouth, his skin looked like it was moving. His ears were full of ear mites and yeast; he has worms and bacteria in his stool. I wish I would have known prior to the purchase so I could have done some research on this company. I have no doubt this baby came from a puppy mill-do not order your next family member through this company.

  • An
    AnnMarieTheFlameThrower Oct 21, 2011

    Bad people.

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  • He
    Help Nov 10, 2011

    Not sure Who Mr. Charter.net is with but I DO KNOW THAT YOU ARE FULL OF CRAP.

    I did of google of this person's email and it was connected with USDA.gov website.

    He acted real fast and now that link is gone - can't find his email any more. Not putting the whole email out - not sure if that is legal. But for REPUTABLE BREEDERS - BEWARE OF EMAILS THAT END WITH CHARTER.NET - these are people trying to buy small dogs to resell as "teacup" puppies.

    Now how is that for communication for you Mr. Charter.net

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  • Je
    jeff swank Nov 16, 2011

    bpd is very un educated about the pups they sell.they cant be sued all there money is off shore, there 10 yr guarantee isput back on the breeder.just find a good breeder in your area you can visit or get a dog from the pound an save a dogs life

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they sell mutts as designer dogs from puppy mills

I worked for this company and they sell puppies on their website that come from puppy mills and are mix breed dogs.

  • He
    Help Jun 24, 2011

    All TRUTH - Bad people.

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  • He
    Help Jun 25, 2011

    terrific.com - SERIOUSLY????? Just Bull ###.

    Nextdaypets.com - Half ###.

    Zach is right. Wise up folks.

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  • Ha
    Hate buypuppiesdirect Jul 22, 2011

    They solicit breeders and then sue them!! They are cheating both sides!!! Breeders and the Buyers. Stay AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! They will overcharge the customer then turn around and sue the seller to make more money as well and the buyer never sees a penny!!!

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My mother purchased a German Rottweiler from this company-well a least they said it was a German Rottweiler...


I made a big mistake selling our puppies on line with buy puppies direct, I listed my champion sired and...

I wanted everyone to know that this company does not want to give information about the breeders and/or where the puppies are coming from

I wanted everyone to know that this company does not want to give information about the breeders and/or where the puppies are coming from. I also wanted to say that many people buy puppies/dogs from pet stores that come from puppy mills. This company does deal with kennels/puppy mills and you the consumer need to do your homework. If you decide to purchase a puppy from this site then please research everything carefully. All of your questions should be answered and no company should be tip toeing around your concerns. You are spending a lot of money and and you have the right to know what you are getting into.

  • Lu
    LuckyPenny51 Dec 30, 2010

    I talked to them about my miniature schnauzers and they were strict about their requirements. It has to be the breeders. The lady I talked to told me exactly what I had to do and she even wanted pics of where my dogs sleep and play.

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  • ExirouA Oct 23, 2011


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  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Jan 10, 2013

    The business about "strict...requirements" etc., is one of the ways these shysters try to make themselves look legitimate. Women especially fall for this act..big time. Always ignore that bunk.

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Scam and cheating

Well I'm sure they do have puppies from mills on there site. If you look close at some of the picture...

Terrible company

My niece called this outfit today. I have owned and bred dogs for over 50 years and advised her to talk to the breeder directly before purchasing a dog via this website. They don't care what kind of home the dog is going to, they did not screen her at all, I think they are brokers for puppy mill puppies. There is no concern for where the dog is going, and they make it difficult to speak directly to the breeder. Think long and hard before you utilize these folks.

  • Li
    Lianimal Sep 03, 2010

    Please go to a few local shelters. Look into the eyes of the dogs who are condemned to die because there is no-one to love them. Notice how many are purebreds. Next go to petfinders.com and search for whatever it is you've been breeding for over 50 years. There are a lot, huh? They're all in shelters or rescues. Please consider having your dogs spayed and neutered. Your keeping 7 new puppies a year from the population could mean 7 shelter dogs find homes. I know 7 a year doesn't seem like a lot, but it adds up. If 10 Backyard Breeders each have 7 pups a year, guess what? That's 70 dogs. Just something to think about.

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Made me sad and angry

This puppy mill via the web makes me so sad and angry! When will people wake up and realize that for every healthy, cute little pup they 'order' there are two or three or more who were sick and ill treated and didn't 'make it'?? What if we started selling children like this??? Would that be tolerated?

There should be more at stake for both company and potential owner than just clicking a .com or dialing a 1-800 number to receive a LIVING CREATURE!

  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Jan 10, 2013

    Only a fool with too much money (or too much credit-no money) would buy a puppy, site unseen, just from an internet ad. Just read all the stuff on this site and others like it having to do with puppy hawkers and you'll get a real sense of what a huge scam this has become.

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Wonderful company

My dad purchased a miniature dachshund named George the week before Christmas from Buypuppiesdirect.com. My mom couldn’t be happier! We all love George. My mom changed his name to Teeco. He is a very well accepted new member of the family. I just want to say how wonderful the company is, they took care of everything. He is a healthy, happy boy and we LOVE him!

  • Cu
    custodian Sep 18, 2018

    i was supposed to get a cheap pet, instead i found out, was a complete spam, was supposed to get back 1, 894.00, no puppy, would not not not not not refund back my money!!! do not go to this company!!!

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Terrible mistake

I too almost made the mistake of buying a puppy from this site and I'm glad I did some researching and realized that this is not the best way to adopt/buy a puppy. When I contacted the company with some questions about a particular breed I was interested in, they sent me an email with paperwork for credit card authorization! I hadn't even gotten my questions answered and they were already pressuring me to get my paperwork submitted to them. They have little invested in the welfare of the puppy and alot invested in making a profit. Even though the breeder was located in the same area as I was living in, they would not allow me to meet or see the puppies in person before commiting to buying one. It is very important that when you buy a puppy you are able to see the breeding facilities, the dame and the sire, and to see the litter. Anyone who denies you from being able to meet with the breeder brings up a red flag. I am fortunate now to have found a breeder who is honest and is not out to make a profit, and she is also against this site. She is looking out for the welfare of her pups and makes sure that potential puppy parents have the means (time and love) to provide for the puppy. She has also educated me about certification APR, AKC etc.. and have provided reading material. In my opinion, that is what a breeder should be willing to do, which is provide you with all the answers to the questions you have about the puppy you are purchasing. Buying a puppy is afterall an emotional, financial, and mental commitment and you deserve to be well-informed in all aspects. Buypuppiesdirect.com was pushy and tried to sell their puppies to whoever they can, above all else they are looking to make a profit and thus I agree with the first review that they are the ringleaders of puppymills. I was very apprehensive about buying a puppy from this site and Im glad that I trusted my instincts and declined to do business with them.

They sent me a sick dog!

I was sent a vomiting and dehydrated dog that had parasites in her stool. Within 24 hours we were in the ER with her spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. The customer service reps tried to blame me for neglecting her medical needs and refused to help us pay the bill.

  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 30, 2009

    why the hell would you buy an animal that you have never seen before?

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  • Pu
    puppal Aug 01, 2009

    Sorry for you and your puppy. This kind of story is all too common. Rescues and transports and puppy mills don't care about the health of the animals, just about making money.

    Good luck.

    0 Votes
  • Sp
    spiritdogs Aug 03, 2009

    NEVER buy a puppy from a pet store or an Internet puppy mill. Instead, go through a reputable shelter, rescue group, or breeder. Ask your vet, a local trainer, or an official from the breed club in your state, where to shop for a pup. Stay away from "designer dogs" if the breeder does not test the parent dogs for genetic disorders, and if the parents have never been shown. Showing isn't just about "snobbery", it's about having a dog judged on its structural soundness! If you don't follow this advice, you could end up spending lots on vet bills for things like parasites, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy (causes your dog to go blind), epilepsy and other equally distressing things.

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  • Do
    Dollii Mar 05, 2010

    Why don't you tell us the truth with your story. #1. tell us how the puppy come to you. be it car, plane, ect. #2 and who, send you the baby. Man, I am sorry for this baby coming sick to you.But! What was this puppy treated for.And what did it almost die from? And why didn't you post the paper work from the ER Service. This would show everone, how bad you were done. Now, Why didn't you take them to small claims court .Or report them to the BBB. I WOULD HAVE.

    I hope you still have your pup. And I don't like getting on anyone. Just show your stuff to us.

    -1 Votes
  • Ch
    charl7p Sep 04, 2019

    three weeks ago payed for dog get arunaround on getting should have got dog on august 17 now it is august 28 and still no dogi will never tell anybody to buy a pup from them and sorry i did every time i call it is a differnt date he will be shipped thy told me monday it would be august 31 know it will be september 4so dont buy from them

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