Puppyspothaven for puppmills. sells by photos. what pup you receive is anyone's guess.

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Puppyspot has kennels and puppymills sending them photos of puppies and puppyspot posts the photos of the puppies. One of puppyspots main head quarters is in utah. How many of you can quess why? The amish must be so excited and increasing their breeding dogs at leaps and bounds. Lol. Puppyspot doesn't sees the puppies in person, and simply posts photos sent to them by the kennel. A dog breeder can send you any puppy they want and not the puppy in the photo they sent to puppyspot. Puppyspot collects the money for puppies it does not see, feel, touch or take care of. Puppyspot knows absolutely nothing about the puppies they place photos of on their websites. I know a woman that bought a teacup chihuahua that looks like a collie and is 12 lbs. I met another woman who's was promised a teacup pom 3 lbs full grown and it is already 5 lbs at 4 months and looks like a german shepard. The puppy does not look like the breed it was sold as. If the breeders had good quality they would not need puppyspot to sell their puppies for them. Puppyspot is going to promote more and more people to take up breeding dogs because such people will not have to sell their own puppies and can hide and hoard with no worries of being found out. Such breeders will just send photos to puppyspot. Such people can just send puppyspot photos of puppies they claim to have and then these breeders can send you what? Will it be that puppy in the photo? Puppyspot only see pictures, no actual puppies. Will you get that puppy in the photo?? The picture could be years old. Go to actual breeders and steer clear of these puppy slingers who charged my friend $3000 for a fake chihuahua that is 4 months 5 lbs and looks like a shepard mix. Quality breeders sell their own puppies! Think! Puppyspot is depending on naive gullible people to keep going. Anyone who has been cheated by high price and low quality please help warn consumers by posting your own complaint. Please do not add on to mine, but make your own. The more awareness then the faster this dog kennel pimping company is exposed for the truth.

Feb 06, 2017
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  • Gh
      Feb 23, 2017

    I find it interesting that they require so much information about you but won't share it with a potential buyer.
    I was interested in a puppy and asked for the AKC number of the pup so I could do some research. Wanted to see both parents and the breeding facility where they were raised! Instead of giving me the information I requested I got a hard sell..
    this puppy won't last long! You need to move fast to reserve her, etc? When I wanted the information listed above. Got an email saying I could have her at a reduced price! REALLY!!! This is highly suspect in my opinion! If you can not get the info listed above... don't buy!
    Never got the info I was seeking!

    With all the marketing they do on their website saying these are AKC registered puppies, why won't they give you the AKC number?

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  • Ko
      Feb 27, 2017

    @Ghggp Contact the US Attorney's office in Florida - Genevieve.[protected] They are addressing the issues.

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  • Gh
      Feb 27, 2017

    @Kodiebear They finally did send photos of the parents. They are nothing like AKC standard shelties.
    I was very disappointed in the hard sell and lack of AKC registration information!

    Their response... I don't have her AKC registration number, but all of our puppies come with limited registration upon purchase.

    For the amount of $2, 000 they wanted for this puppy, I would have hoped the parents were registered champions! The parents were nothing like that! I passed... going directly to a Registered AKC breeder now!

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  • Br
      May 07, 2017

    @Ghggp Yeah...Be careful family pets both came from supposedly offspring of champions...They even furnished us with papers (to prove that they were purebred and from registered parents...) the breeders also claimed to be currently registered and verified by the proper oversight verification ...(AKC JRTCA ETC) one of the dogs were anything but what they were claimed to be...Both dogs were not good...One dog we saw the mom...not he dad ...She was apparently purebred...we just got some piece of paper which supposedly proved she was as advertised...and back then everybody only had newspaper classifieds and phone books and asking around town like "cute she a purebred? Can I have the breeder's contact information? I'm looking for a purebred" one has to wonder though...The person that has the dog you asked about is probably more likely to actually be a puppy mill breeder who sees a sucker for some fast cash...The dog we got had a cloudy eye from day show the cloudy eye clear as day...she eventually at about age 9 was basically diagnosed with heart trouble and for the rest of her life she was on several meds which gradually she kept getting worse and so her doses of meds had to be increased...Because she would get to where the meds weren't working...she must have had a heart murmur and irregular heartbeat because she developed heart failure needing meds to keep her alive...a few more years she got to where all she did was just sleep, she quit food and water and had to be enticed to get her to eat at all and she looked like she was"heaving" and we had to put her to sleep because she became miserable...Then the replacement we found was advertised as something she was not...The breeder was again supposed to be a registered and verified breeder...We were allowed to go look at the puppies...The mom was 100% not the same breed as the dad...But we said we would think it over...Then the breeders said "If you're torn between a couple of the puppies we'll give you both of them for $150 more dollars" pressure sales...A bad sign... we left...Decided we would keep looking...Something seemed fishy about how they were pushing the sale...we out of the blue got a phone call...It was somebody from the local pet store...Not something like pet smart or anything...As they warn to steer clear from mom and pop's pet shops...because puppy mills sell puppies that way...The person on the phone said the breeder told them we were looking for a purebred chihuahua and they indicated they had one...We went to look...we ended up again letting our emotions get into the choice...And the little puppy seemed very friendly...(it turned out to be one we were looking at when we visited the breeder and declined to buy...) We got the dog...she also came with (apparently fake papers) but we held out hope the puppy was what she was said to be...A little ways down the road we began to notice she had characteristics far different than the breed she was said to be and so we said we weren't happy that the puppy's papers were apparently not worth the paper they were printed on and soon the breeder was calling us and leaving angry messages and fighting us when eventually the breeder fired out responses including declaring angrily that the dog was a purebred and that she was a real breeder and stating she bred and attended dog shows...Then she gave a message "fine! Bring her over and I'll take the dog back and give you a refund!" Which by then we stated we had become attached to the dog and so we would keep the dog but we wanted a partial refund because she wasn't a purebred as advertised...More recently I personally was looking for a dog ...I was referred to a breeder from another breeder who was always showing her dogs at dog shows so if a registered "breeder of merit" and verified...She said she didn't have puppies but at a dog show she talked to another breeder also showing their dogs so the other breeder said she just so happened to have a little girl 10 weeks old...So the registered professional show dog breeder even got duped when I told her I got the dog but she was so extremely behaviorally and physically flawed with also multiple health issues from day 1 after I got the puppy home...The little dog would need a whole lot of extensive behavioral experts, specialists and doctors because the poor dog soon clearly wasn't good...Health issues galore and so she racked up bills for vet visits and meds...Then there was the fact the dog was always so emotionally messed up...And when trying to comfort the puppy to try to get it to calm its nerves...It would squirm and fight to get free from the contact...Even petting the dog made her freak out...I eventually had to find her a good home because she needed to be monitored 24/7, she wouldn't drink water or eat food without a whole lot of time coaxing her to eat and drink...she seemed to be frightened at pretty much everything including her shadow and she was terrified of water even though she was bathed in a full sized bath tub...and the fact she hated being near anybody or anything...Her breeder (at least supposedly she was the breeder...) stated the puppy was the only puppy in the supposed litter...So there was no way to verify and compare puppies...Then the breeder brought in two dogs she claimed were the parents (positively NOT her parents...By that time I was feeling like I couldn't leave the little puppy with these people...about as soon as I got her home her health issues were spotted at the vet and they prescribed meds...She was a bad deal...I couldn't try to get a refund because the people had to be some pretty shady characters and by the time I decided my home wasn't the right fit for such a troubled little dog they knew my address and phone number and car I drive...So I couldn't press the issue with them because who knows what they would do to me, my home, my phone, my car...etc...Then anther breeder was said he had 3 girl puppies...I went to look...The guy was very...VERY uncool...once again shady...He even went so far as to say "I've known the parents owners for more than 10 years and saying a bunch of kind of oddities in order to try talk me into buying one...The puppies were nice little dogs but the puppy's mom cowered and fought the guy as he hooked up her leash and then she tugged back and he had to literally pull the dog by the leash to come out of the pen...Which the fact he had to basically drag her out...a little while in he kept throwing out all sorts of obvious lies or half truths that were contorted...He then said "what else can I say? I'm trying to figure out why you're so apprehensive..." I said I had to go to the bank and then I ended up calling him and saying I was torn between two of them and I wanted to sleep on it...everything though is proof that registered certified verified breeders can both and/or be well known real professional breeders can provide false information or they can be duped by some other breeder they know while not in person as friends but only because they all show their dogs at dog shows and everything...All that said...AKC registered breeders...even those who show their dogs can be basically a professional and reputable breeders whose dogs are shown at dog shows across the country by day...And hidden puppy miller shady dealer breeder the rest of the time in order to run puppy assembly lines for profit or getting puppy's from puppy millers to help them sell puppies for the puppy factory which allows all parties to skip around the rules of ethic...Which even if you report them and they get busted and forced to stop selling puppies...Then months later they have relocated to a different state and they change the name of their breeding outfit and often also register their breeding operation under a different name not just for the "kennel and Dog breeder" name and under a different person's name...Even registered breeders can be shady or referring potential puppy buyers to a certain breeder which they may or may not be legitimate...

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  • Sa
      May 05, 2017

    I got what I thought was the perfect awesome little dog where she would be healthy and would live a full life...But before she made it to 5 she was passed on and gone...I was worried and frustrated at the whole trying to screen breeders for a trustworthy professional breeder since most seem to be 1200 miles from here ...Then I ended up finding their website...At the time they went by purebred breeders...Then when my little friend passed on in 2016 purebred breeders was no more and apparently changed their name to puppy spot...I found the puppy in 2011...she passed on prior to her 5th birthday in 2016...I'm still battling the missing piece of my life...I thought she would have lasted at leat 12 to 15 years which is why I was willkng to pay so much higher cost for a puppy...

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  • Al
      Jan 28, 2019

    I too have a horror story regarding Puppy Spot. I believe it was called Purebred Breeders before the present name of Puppy Spot. Purebred Breeders is being sued by the Humane Society for being an online puppy mill. Deplorable conditions with their so called AKC breeders. Anyway I paid over $3000 for a Shih-Tzu puppy. This puppy arrived from Texas to California. He was covered in feces, urine and vomit. The crate was filthy and full of this. Immediately took the puppy to the vet. I was told the puppy was 12 weeks old but he was actually 6 weeks old. My vet could tell by his teeth. He was too young to be taken from his mother. This poor puppy had both Giardia and Parvo. He was very ill and after a few months he seemed a bit better. I tried to help this poor little puppy. I spoke to Puppy Spot employees over and over but they had my money so they did not care. At 11 months my little dog died. Please do not buy from this online puppy mill. Don't go through the heartbreak of losing a beautiful little puppy like we did.

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