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Publix Super Markets / I am complaining about a recent experience in the publix store located on atlantic blvd in pompano beach, fl.

1 Pompano Beach, FL, United States

Last night I went to return an item that my fiance had purchased. I'm an advent customer at Publix and I'm in this particular store everyday. Upon trying to return my item I was faced with immediate discrimination by the store manager who goes by the name of Danny. I believe because there are a lot of homeless people in the neighborhood he just stereotyped me and basically refused to return my item for me. he broke protocol against storeo policies and had a discriminatory remark towards me and told me that it was his discretion if he would decide to take my food back that's not Publix store policy. I have a copy of the store policies and I shouldn't have to go through what I went through dealing with this manager. I think he should be reprimanded I mean some legal actions may be taken because I was totally discriminated upon and I have witnesses I have receipts of where I purchased over $100 worth of food earlier that day so I'm a paying customer and store policy says that they will return without any problems without any hype without any scenes and that's what I was faced with when trying to return an item that came from that particular store and all of it is on camera. I feel there's no place in the workforce for discrimination for racism for aggression for blatant and outright just rudeness. I am highly upset I'm highly disappointed in Publix I'm highly and upset about the fact that they would even consider hiring someone of that magnitude and I think that he should at least, at the least be fired. but I am sure just like any other case here in United States of America were a person of color discriminated upon no action is going to be taken this person's going to continue to do this until something significant is done. this happened last night 9 12 2018 around about 8: 30 at the Publix on Atlantic Avenue in Pompano Beach Florida the manager's name is Danny.

Publix Super Markets

Sep 13, 2018

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