Public Storage / rental price fraud

Mount Prospect, IL, United States
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This is 6th time I'm writing regarding this problem.
I called to find a place for my semi-truck.
I found a public storage branch in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.
I gave the dimensions over the phone (to public storage employee), I gave from-to dates, I have been told about the price, I accepted mentioned price and than I received a reservation e-mail with a reservation number and the price.
When I appeared on agreed date, the price was double higher! I had a flight to catch that day and I couldn't look for other place to leave my truck.
The employee was aware of that.
Pure example of fraud.
I will be back in April, and for sure will press charges against Public Storage if we don't settle like this.
Reservation No. was- [protected]
Agreed monthly rate was 83$
But it miraculously changed to 154.78 when the Public Storage official find out I have to fly to Europe that day.
I expect you to answer me, finally.
Boris Rebac

Mar 01, 2017

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