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Public Storage / hot unit and late fee

1 Boca Raton, FL, United States
Contact information:

From: Sixcia Devine #25439

In October I was set up for automatic withdrawal payments but when my card needed to be updated the withdrawal service was not updated. I am currently being charged $47.00 for a late fee. I am asking that this fee be waived. I have never been late and always pay on time. I was initially on the automatic withdrawal program and I never received ANY updates about getting off of auto pay. I received this phone number from your sales rep to try and contact the Customer Service Department [protected] - however I get prompted to a voice message every time I call. The telephone you have on this website [] does not work PHONE [protected] - Please update.

I would be happy to directly contact Ronald L. Havner, Jr. Chairman of the board and CEO or Joseph D. Russell, Jr. President but I understand that they are involved in other matters as it relates to growing their customer base and overall business growth strategies. Excellent customer service, proper contact information and communication services are priorities that can not be overlooked.

Temperature issues with Public Storage: When I moved my items into Public Storage the temperature was extremely hot - over 80 degrees! The manager and the sales associated, who kindly walked me to my unite, assured me that the unit would be cooled. When I returned to the unite, 4 weeks later, the temperature issue was not resolved and the space was steaming hot. The Sales Rep assured me, once again, that the situation was to be resolved. Today, when I received a call about being late with my payment I asked for an update and the representative told me that she would have an update for me in regards to the temperture status It would be great if someone could call me immediately so we can resolve these issues. My direct line is [protected].

Thank you.
Sixcia Devine
(Pronounced Six-See-Ya)
Public Storage Unite

Dec 11, 2016

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