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As I left for Dallas Texas last November 2007, I stopped at Public Storage to pick up a few items. Before Leaving the location I stopped at the front desk to see if everything was ok and up to date with my storage space, and yes I was assured everything was fine. It was made clear of my trip was job related.

As of a few days past from my departure, a phone call was made received by me from the facility manager stating a $34.00 payment was due. I told them I was at a clerk of courts office doing title work and it would have to wait, and ok was the response.

2 weeks later I get a certified letter stating a routine check on the unit revealed the lock missing and a response being requested of me. Let me tell you I did. to no avail to I get any help. Days and weeks leading up to this time frame this location had many employee problems i.e., not opening when they should, employee(s) being arrested by probation/parole officer from California and theft of cash from payments being made over the front counter.

Well the rest tells the story. Arrangements for payment were made and the parties trying to help was rejected. So, The property I had stored in this unit was auctioned off before I made it back to New Orleans, LA. I was observed bringing in and out through the front entrance computer gear and of course I went with my gut feeling to remove such gear and ship it out to Texas. Let me tell you, I know for a fact my unit was accessed by the file key and it was done by a PUBLIC STORAGE EMPLOYEE thinking they could score big.

Due to the unit going up for auction, no checks could be accepted but in fact one was deposited at the request of the location management one day after the items sold. List of Items: Personal greeting cards from years past sent/given to me by family, Clothing times, Shoes, Boots, Personal blank checks, a Brief Case with credit cards inside, Clothing Box with many Clothes(Winter), Tools, Underwear (What Perverts), Personal Art signed to me, Plaques of awards and being Published, Personalized Golf Items, Minor Computer and Office supplies, Business Publications, Just a lot of stuff that cannot be replaced. Make note they managed to get me the plastic file box with personal papers inside back with a portrait of myself and a pitney Bowes Machine that couldn't be sold anyway.

You see, upon my return, I had what was left being caught through while I was present. The District manager Kevin, told them to dispose of any evidence that was on the premises. I contacted the corporate offices of PUBLIC STORAGE and they were telling me oh that just cant be.

Well, months latter now I have possibly credit fraud attempts through credit issuing agencies and bureaus and emails going on. I am not letting this die you see I set up using the color scheme and logo to spread the word of the criminal enterprise. College Campus and the like I am posting and building a strong case to close down the illegal operation.

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