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PSI Exams / test center customer service

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Psi exams is the most poorly mis-managed testing center company I have ever come across. Regrettably, psi has the contract for many states to administer state exams — real estate, auditor, contractors, etc. What no one at your training center will tell you is that you have to deal with psi. Then, wham, what a rude awakening. Psi is a joke! Their website is notoriously bad and unreliable. Try calling them and you are on hold for a minimum of an hour (That was the longest I lasted, but your results may vary depending on your patience). The only way solution is to write them a hardcopy letter via usps. Who does that these days? On interest on their phone system, they force you to enter a push botton code — what about people with rotaries phone or handicapped-equipped phones. Seems to be an ada violation right there. Stand up america! We don't need to take this! Write your state licensing authorities and demand they break their contract with psi. Where one party fails to fulfill their contractual duties, it is a breach — none more material then here.

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  • St
      17th of Apr, 2008
    +7 Votes

    I was on hold for over an hour when my call was dropped. It sounded like someone picked up and immediately hung up. This is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Given the opportunity I would never do any business with this company whatsoever. I have yet to get through to anyone with this company.

  • Br
      8th of Aug, 2008
    +7 Votes

    i took a test today in conneticut on main st. the room was so hot how could you even concentrate . in a oven like that, with the money conneticut soaks from you you would think they can do better

  • Cl
      18th of Aug, 2008
    +7 Votes

    PSI has to be the biggest scam going. I took a real estate exam in New Mexico and did not pass the state portion, even though I had taken the Kaplan course and in both a pre-test and post-test passed that portion with no problem. The thing that pisses me off the most is that these ### get away with charging me the full price to re-take only one portion. It also rings of a scam to me because they are the only game in town and after failing one is not told what questions were missed or what the correct answers are. I think these ### fail people intentionally to make more money off people who have no other option. Everyone should be aware of this. ### PSI!!!

  • Wi
      23rd of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Clint Ainsworth I don't know if it's a coincidence with me and my daughter . But every time we take the test at PSI they always give us a score of 54 or 55 right answers of the minimum of 56. for me it looks like they are doing intentionally so we think we are very close and motivated to keep trying . and of coarse paying for more retests.

  • Me
      7th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    @willer resende This monopoly company drives the whole business of testing. I had a terrible experience when trying to take an exam in October. I went to take a exam for Accident and Health License. My access was denied due to discrepancy on maiden and married name. I showed them my marriage certificate and current ID and they told they do not verify that at that location they referred me to their customer service line who asked me to send documents by fax, after 3 weeks of waiting on them to update my last name they asked to re pay the fee to take my test I told them that I did not receive any service for the fee already paid why do I have to re pay? they said it is how their system is set up so I complained the transaction with my bank and I called back PSI exams to re schedule my exam and they denied to do so. At this point I have not been able to take my exam and my company was unable to give me a new contract with higher salary.

  • To
      18th of Sep, 2008
    +9 Votes

    Terry M: "the most poorly mis-managed."
    Should it be better mis-managed?
    Or should it be more poorly well-managed?
    let us know your thoughts

  • Li
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I took the Nevada State Brokers test today and I was given 45 questions when there supposed to be 40, and when I got my results (I fail) I was evaluated on 40 QUESTIONS!!!. What the f..I was cheeted out of FIVE QUESTIONS When I called PSI they gave me some stupid answers, Like this is experimental, somebody else told me some are pre-test questions and those do not count, but that is not true because I got those too, and I also got the 45 instead of the 40 . I like to know if some one else had this happened to them . And by the way this examination is 100 dollars every time you test . No wonder we do not pass .Let me know!!!

  • Ba
      24th of Sep, 2008
    +5 Votes

    I took the second half of my licensing exam twice through this company and failed. Passed the first portion with another company no problems. The day of the test we were notified the computers broke down and we have to wait or come back another time. We waited for ten minutes and were told everything was fine. Took the test and according to them did much worse than the first time. When I complained they said they could not help me and re-check the score by hand because all they showed a record of was the cameras not working and everything is fine.

  • In
      28th of Sep, 2008
    +7 Votes

    The PSI testing system is in need of serious repair and careful investigation NOW! TODAY!. The State Licensing Authorities should be alerted of the seriousness of these documented complaints. After doing a survey of 100 people, Yes 100 people that took this PSI administrated test the results were alarming. Results yielded some horrific stories and also 65% indicated that they had to take the test 2 or more times before passing. Some indicated that all of the documentation (Books, training material etc.) indicated that the National portion of the test would test you on 80 questions and the number of questions per each section. They were also told that the State portion of the test would be tested on 74 questions.

    The Survey also revealed that 70% of people surveyed indicated that it appears very shaky, unethical, degrading and somewhat that an individual cannot know what they missed and therefore will have no clue of what to study nor know if they may have made a mistake as well. "You should show your hand after the bet is complete and won or not". What this does is to keep things honest. But by not doing this people will continute to distrust your practice and that is not good!

    A quite a few people asked this question during the survey; How is this process legal "TO NOT GIVE” a person their test results (the very test they paid to take)? And also they were told they cannot have access to the results they paid for and tht is just they way it is.

    So some of the simple questions: Who is responsible for this process that the PSI testing would be the area used to include extra experimental questions? But more serious why can’t they have the results they paid for?

    This survey WILL be posted thought-out the all area that utilizes this PSI testing process. This does need to be exposed to the American people and maybe someone else just may feel the same way.

  • In
      29th of Sep, 2008
    Best Best Advice +9 Votes

    We would like PSI to respond.

    Thank You!

  • Da
      9th of Oct, 2008
    +7 Votes

    I don't understand how you can be tested and not told what answers you got wrong. I see it as a way for PSI to make money. I didn't see the test as a means for the person testing to better them selves but as a means for PSI to make money. I will be asking many more questions before I go pay to take the test again.

  • Ja
      28th of Oct, 2008
    +4 Votes

    I fully agree and have decided to start a pettition about it, It will be avaliable on Facebook. It is called Estheticians and Cosmetologists against PSI Exams. I want to see if we can throw PSI off their high horse. I am possibly thinking of also starting a donation fund to a new company that will offer all testing at a reasonable price and in a better facility. Where you will be allowd to ask questions, you will be given up to date and proper information to help prepare you study for you test or practical. It will not be a company based on wrongfully taking over abundant amounts of money from STUDENTS. Students of all people to take money from, we are the future of economy growth. As if you aren't in enough debt after paying for all your schooling. Find the group on facebook and join it. The stronger we are in numbers the better chance we have. Thank you! Jamie

  • Ja
      28th of Oct, 2008
    +6 Votes

    I forgot, you can also coordinate with me by writing me at Send me your story, about your difficulties with this company and I will continue to put together a case against them and all their devious ways. We don't have to take this just because they are our only option, lets give ourselves options.

  • Fr
      1st of Dec, 2008
    +6 Votes

    1. The people at PSI don't know the subjects on which they test. They simply read the books and take questions WORD FOR WORD out of the book. Which sucks when dealing with insurance and annuities because words often have a different meaning between the two.
    2. I scheduled a test for 10:30. They changed it to 10 without notifying me. I had to pay again. A friend scheduled a test for 10:30, the prompter never showed up. He was absent and had to pay again.
    3. The questions are poorly written in order to make you fail.
    4. Customer service SUCKS.
    5. I took the test and because of a computer glitch I went directly from the welcome screen to the Thank you for submitting page after hitting the enter button once.

  • Te
      22nd of Dec, 2008
    +4 Votes

    Absolutely amazing...this is the most unaccountable company that I have dealt with to include "Comcast Cable Co." It is an insult that our State officials have sold us out AGAIN and to date refuse to correct matters. There typical excuse is to pass the buck by stating that "PSI" 's contract includes other state agencies and that they have no control. For example; Texas has there contract with "PSI" through the Department of Public Safety and not directly through the States licensing department (real estae, ... ). There is ZERO accountability.

    It seems to me that a company with contractual responsibilities to the states citizens should have adequate and convinient access to those administering the test and the rules. If you call "PSI" expect 45-60 minutes before getting an answer - maybe. You may simply be told "thanks for calling" and hear an immediate dial tone after waiting countless minutes listening to irrevelant details concerning California, Arizona and other states. Try emailing, which only takes a few days for a response. Or, try there website which only gives the information they want to give you - have a question... so f - - - - - -g what &^$%$@&& Dont trust there secure website when presenting your personal credit history - I mean information... guesss what... so, FU __ - - - what. They do not offer any other way to pay except on the net. Has your state checked the status of there secured server - Texas has not!!!

    Write a complaint if you have had problems or feel that your State could do a better job with your money.

  • Cr
      30th of Dec, 2008
    +5 Votes

    I could not agree more! PSI is MISERABLE, MISERABLE, MISERABLE!!! In a 13 page fine print document, three lines state that a first time registration must mail in the registration documents, yet the documents state they can be faxed. Whatever you do, read every line or they will put you through the wringer and delay your testing process forever.

    Phone reps also give out incorrect information. I was told to write the name of the state on my envelope and the processing would take 2-3 days. When I called over 10 days later (there was a holiday involved) I was told they couldn't tell if they had received my registration and that I should have used registered mail. Then I was also informed that 2-3 days was incorrect information and that it would take 14 calendar days.

    PSI is all about taking money and being as unhelpful and unbending as possible. Next stop, my state realtor board to demand they drop PSI and get another testing company.

  • Km
      16th of Jan, 2009
    +5 Votes

    I have taken the PSI Exam once already. The first time I paid and went in to take the test, I was turned away at the door because my liscence had my maiden and married name on it. This didn't matter when I took my written exam! So, I paid the $78.00 again, and go a second time to take my test. ( In Texas, the nearest test center is in Houston, which is a 2 hr. ride for me, and every exam except 1 is at 8a.m. VERY INCONVENIENT!) There are usually 10 people scheduled for an exam at a time. While we were in the waiting room some of the girls were talking about how many times they had already taken this test. One girl was in there for her 5th time! She said every time she went at least 1 person didn't make it through the door. (Me!! My first time around!) And of course, if you don't you lose your money and have to pay again, regardless of circumstances.Sure enough, one of the girls there (who was just back to renew her license) didn't make it through the door! While we were taking the test, these examiners make you feel very uncomfortable! (This was also discussed in the waiting room between all the models for the test candidates after thier portion of the test was done and they all had to wait for us to finish) While we were doing our test the examiners were huddled up together laughing at certain women while they were taking thier test!! Literally pointing at them and laughing!! While I find this EXTREMELY RUDE, it is also VERY distracting. You're standing in front of a mirror the whole time, and EVERY time you look up you see this behavior, and it really messes with your equilibrium while testing! One examiner literally walked over and grabbed a bottle out of my hand to check the label on it! Directly after the exam you get your results. The ONLY person who passed this particular exam was the girl who was in for the fifth time! I feel like PSI has a real money-making scam going on! I didn't meet 1 person who only had to take the test once to pass. And, of course, they don't tell you what you did wrong. I believe this is so PSI can make more money while giving the examiners the chance to laugh at and belittle honest people there to try to pass a test to make a living! There's JOB SECURITY for PSI employees! Where do I go for this job?

  • So
      26th of Jan, 2009
    +6 Votes

    My husband went to take his Journeyman's License Exam, and of course, failed three times! Finally, he spoke with a plumbing inspector of our town and the inspector said that there were a lot of people not passing the exam. My husband made a phone call to PSI, and come to find out, they were using wrong questions on his test. His last test score was a 72 and after PSI noticed this, they went ahead and bumped his score to a 75 to pass. Not only did this happen to him, but also with our friend that was taking his Journeyman's exam too!! There are a lot of people out there that have to retake, and retake. There's something fishing going on!!!They are definitly out for the buck!!!

  • Ne
      26th of Jan, 2009
    +6 Votes

    My husband had been an Electrical Journeyman for 16 years and we accidentally let his license lapse and was required to take the exam again. In the past couple years he has gone to take the exam 3 times and each time he did not pass. He had several material to help prepare for the exam and took a course to help prepare him as well. Each time he did not pass. While taking the exam each time he went back and studied even harder and contemplated on what he might be missing. The last test, he was quite thrown due to the majority of the questions he had on the test were not related to electricity but electronics. Quite baffled he got up and asked if he was given the correct exam. He ofcourse didn't pass it but failed misserably worse than the two times before. I am convinced that the company continuously fails individuals to make more money off of each test taker making them retake and pay the outragous fees to take a two part test!

  • Th
      5th of Feb, 2009
    +6 Votes

    PSI is a scam. Infact so much so I want to know what we intend to do about the injustice that is evident in their testing centers. I'd rather they charged me my quota up front rather than degrade and bellittle my efforts time and time again for kicks. I put all I could into taking this test only to be judged not my an industry professional but by simple being trying to stay employed. What qualifies these people to pass or fail anyone? We really need to act now ANYBODY PLEASE RESPOND. MADDDDD AS HELLLLLLLL.

  • Ka
      6th of Feb, 2009
    +7 Votes

    I am a project's manager for a construction company in Atl Ga i have taken the PSI eaxm (very porly adminesterd) once and failed the residential light commercial & Ga business & law. what angers me as that PSI does not tell you that the exams can be done in two parts one for B&L & one for RLC there web site is a joke on current material to use for study my company has invested well over 1200.00$ in books & class not to say all that is required by the state just be quilifyed to take the test the instructors that are teaching htis class are a joke as they are giving you the wrong study material say that have taking the tast and these are the answers.(WRONG) most of the exam had not a thing to do the study material. So i find out that i can seperate the two exams & do & pass my B&L proportion & then i spent a month 8Hrs a day for a month before taking the RLC and failed i got a68 & needed 70 wile taking the exam the computer froze so i went & got the proctor she had to restart it at this pont all cocentration is lost know wonder i did not pass giving the circumstace. So i sent a Email to sectory of stae & told what had happend she took it before the board & i was deneid to take it agin.
    The problem with that is if you fail the 2nd time you have to wait for one year then reapply that is just the way it is.
    i agree that PSI should not be allowed to do testing there Bullenten Board is a joke
    when i spend 288.00$ dollars to take tests i should have right to see my results not some BS answer like you could use them to cheet yea right they know all about what fiar when they hold all the cards
    i would gladly sign any complaints form

  • Ka
      9th of Feb, 2009
    +6 Votes

    when will the governer (sunny perdue) of Ga take a close look at the type of testing that is done by PSI
    He is the one who appoints the Board members in witch they are in full agreement with PSI .
    Have we as people came to point in life where money is the only way to get anywhere in this life.
    Why would you apoint all the peoples to a board knowing that all of theme are in the same business as the people who are trying to get a licensin.
    That sounds like the fox garding the hen house.
    the same people who set on this board is in direct competition with anyone who decides to become a contractor in Ga
    The Board is who comprise the test knows this and uses it to there full advantage.

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