PSEG of Essex county, NJ / raising my bill to 2 grand for hurricane sandy

United States

Decision Makers at PSE&G:

I’ve just receive my August bill thinking that it would be
low, which I was right but also wrong because out of the blue I see a big
$2, 259.07 charge. Only thing I received was “we transferred $2, 118.00 (amount
may be higher) from another account”. What another account? What proof this
company has to just smack someone with a bill and say, here you owe this? Do
you want someone to say this to you?

For one thing, I just paid this darn account, # [protected]
about $500 and change (may be higher) because I remembered my balance was .90
cents. Then I received another bill, with some $10 credit, than this month
balloon to $2, 000 charge. Listen, I
can’t and will not pay for your hurricane Sandy charges that YOU received and
now you want to charge up people’s bills and put a shut off notice on it too. I
saw the news, where you will be raising people’s bills out of nowhere. We’re
thinking ok, a few dollars here but a whole two grand? You’ve got to be kidding

The news stations will have to see my bill that PSE&G
raised to pay off their bill that was made for Hurricane Sandy. And no I will not only go to basic Fox 5, Help
me Howard stations, all the independent stations will see it, along with your
Facebook site, I will even create a Facebook site for PSE&G extortion of
raising poor black folks bills and expect them to pay it in a few days or shut
off will be done.

I have copy of old bill that says balance paid now a $2, 000
bill out of nowhere? You Red Edomite’s really need to stop with your earthly
greed’s, haven’t you read in Obadiah in KJV? Haven’t you? You should. You keep
messing with us Israelites from out of our forefathers Abram, Isaac and Israel.
You keep adding on more stuff upon yourselves in the book. No shame and no
mercy at all.

I will pay what I actually owe, that’s it. I’m already late
on my rent, plus 8 months pregnant plus about to be on maternity leave so no
cash. Now you want me to pay your bill? How about you pay my bill, this bill
you slapped me with? I know you’re reaction is heeeeeel no. Well my reaction is
the same for this one. Exactly this letter I will distribute also for all
public to see, watch out consumers, you will see unexpected bill out of
nowhere, dispute the charge!!

I will send it to White House, Governor, ALL!! I will not
stop. You’re a corporation of greed, while you go home to your mansions, sleep
great with free lights. No I’m not bluffing. I’ve sent this copy to you along
to another address.

You see my money order for my actual use of August charge,
so you see I’m not playing. Your own
greeds will choke you than you’ll fall. Than you won’t be able to enjoy your
hard work of greed any longer.

Consumer at 92 Washington Ave, NJ

PSEG of Essex county, NJ
PSEG of Essex county, NJ

Aug 11, 2014

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