Protea Hotel Midrand / Unconscionable Skulduggery

South Africa

I made the mistake of using the telephone in my room. I figured it couldn't be much more than a cell phone call. I made a 28 minute call, off peak and to a national landline. At standard telkom rates the call should have cost me R8. Add some infrastructure usage and a profit margin and anything up to R60 is acceptable. So I was horrified when, on checkout, I was charged R343.

The rates are not advertised in the information booklet in the room. If this was a bigger matter I'm pretty sure I could challenge it in a court of law and have it struck down as unconscionably unfair.

I complained and Protea offered me a 20% refund, or R70. When you have been charged about R300 more than you should have, R70 is little consolation. So I declined and demanded a proper refund. They never got back to me.

I was paying a premium price to stay in their hotel. I expected to be treated like a guest, not a targeted as a victim. Such underhanded skulduggery is the work of criminals, not companies who are sincere in their desire to make customers smile.

Change your ways Protea


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