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Protea Hotels — protea hotel san diego usa

Do you have a branch in sandiego usa?there is someone recruiting for your hotel?im applying for a job as a...

Protea Hotelcondition of the shower in the room

For a hotel that is supposed to be good I'll never stay here again. Protea Montrose. You can barely stand in the show it is so dirty. It looks like it was never cleaned properly and someone tries to cover up a bad timing job. It is so disappointing that I can stay in cheaper places with better condition. I was going to use this as a stop for the family on our holiday down to the sea. Never will I stay here again. For R1000 a night. And the shower looks like that. I canr believe that a hotel group wirh a so callwd good name can have a shower looking like this. No way on this planet will I use this place again.

condition of the shower in the room
condition of the shower in the room
condition of the shower in the room

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    Protea Hotel — overall cleanliness and management

    Lusaka - Cairo Road I have been visiting the hotel several times, in fact I am a Marriot member and have...

    Protea Hotelslies

    The complaint is regarding the Protea Hotel Hazeyview in South Africa.

    We booked a room at the hotel on Saturday 4 November after reserving the last room available with a lady by the name of Annie. She confirmed that she had booked the room, we advised her that we would be there in about an hour and a half or so, to which she said that we should drive safely. When we were about 15 minutes out of town she phoned me on my cellphone to say that she had had to cancel our booking, as there was a group that were booked into the hotel, they had forgotten to reserve a room for their driver. We responded that we had a confirmed booking. She said that we had only booked late, and we were walk-in guests. I do not know what she meant by this, as we had booked telephonically. She was not apologetic and argued with us about our booking, saying that we should not have booked so late and that our booking was not confirmed. We were completely speechless. I had 15% left of my cellphone battery, it was now evening, and we had nowhere to stay, with limited resources to try and find alternative accommodation. She phoned us back about 10 minutes later and advised us that there was availability at another hotel, and gave us their telephone number. We immediately phoned them, but they didn't know about any enquiry for us, and that this was incorrect, they did not have anything available. It seemed she hadn't even phoned them to check availability. We called Annie back, and she did then arrange accommodation elsewhere for us.

    We are still completely flabbergast at her attitude, the fact that our room was cancelled was bad enough, but the experience was exacerbated by her complete disregard to the situation she had put us in; her attitude towards a guest was argumentative and beyond atrocious.

    We request that this matter is investigated further and that we receive feedback on this to prevent social media reporting.


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      Protea Hotelinsufficient security controls at the protea hotel fire and ice menlyn

      On the morning of Saturday 30 September 2017 our vehicle was parked in the dedicated underground parking area at the Protea Hotel Fire and Ice Menlyn. The vehicle was unlawfully removed at approximately 7:30 in the morning as per the hotel security footage. We were only notified of the incident at about 9 in the morning. Upon our departure at approximately 11:30 the security guards manning the exit at the underground boom gate appeared to be unaware of the incident. Even though there was a breach in security the guards did not appear alert and informed. No security checks were performed. The reservation was made by Mr. PB Swanepoel. Our resolution would be that the hotel would up their security and that we would be refunded. We stayed for two nights and had two rooms.

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        Protea Hotelbad service/no feedback

        I have email the manager twice as per the business card provided by the
        front desk.I also emailed as per on the website.no reply.
        Dear Michelle

        Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirit.

        I have always been a loyal customer of your hotel, be it sleeping over
        Or just coming by for breakfast /Lunch on a very regular basis and have always appreciated the excellent customer service you offered.
        However a recent unpleasant experience has questioned my belief at Protea Hotel Umhlanga Ridge to provide top notch care customer care all the time.

        I stayed at Room 202 with on the 26 August 2017 to 27 August 2017 as I am a prokard member and wanted to use my FREE STAY as a little break.
        First we entered the room which smelt absolutely stale and stuffy. Both my hubby and I being asthamic patients this has impacted on our health while we stayed there.
        We switch the air-conditioned on which didn’t help at all.

        Secondly my son was feeling very cold as he had the flu, the maintence manager said we could request a heater from house keeping which I did at 3:30pm
        The housekeeper said she would send one to the room. At 6:30pm I called again and again she said she will send one up to my room, that’s also didn’t happen.
        At 9:38pm I called reception only to be told they had no heaters available. She could have told me in the first place.
        The cups in the room smelt revolting, l like they were not used in years.surely they should be cleaned every time a customer comes in.
        The batteries on the TV remote didn’t work as well.

        In short, Protea Hotel Umhanga Ridge have totally shattered our mini break leaving us more tired than ever.
        I’m unable to take calls as I’m extremely busy however you welcome to email me.

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          Protea Hotelprotea hotel roodeport

          I made a booking more than a month before to use my 1 free voucher for a family room.

          On the eve 12 August 2017 my family and I checked into to Protea Hotel Roodeport.

          Firstly there were only 2 towels in the room even though I confirmed my family booking for 2 adults and three kids on 2 occasions. When I asked for more towels at reception, I was told it's late and no one can assist me.

          The bathroom sink was clogged.

          The next morning even the toilet got clogged.

          Shower facility was so dirty.

          It was so sad. Two weeks prior to this my family and I stayed at Protea Hotel Karridene. It was amazing there. The staff was fantastic, the place was fabulous. Housekeeping came past late in da evenings to find out if we needed anything. I was so impressed with Protea Hotel Karridene, didn't expect such horrible service at Protea Hotel Roodeport.

          Food was left overnight in the hallway.

          protea hotel roodeport

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            Protea Hotelservice

            I visited Protea Hotel in New Church Street, Cape Town today as I was hoping to have one of the best recommended milkshakes Ive been hearing of. As I entered the place, a greeting was no where to be seen, just as much as the waiters. I had to get up and request a menu from the bartender, Wonder who was not an efficient waiter. Constantly having to get up was annoying. The manager, Landile passed us numerous times and did not bother to ask about our visit. I did not enjoy my visit there and would not recommended this place to anyone and it is a shame the very poor service dampened my entire day.

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              Protea Hotelroom reservation

              I checked in at the Protea Fire and Ice Cape Town with a recommendation of a smoking room and reservations had called me to confirm this. As soon as I checked in today reception advised that they have no record of this and they have no smoking rooms available. All that I was offered was an apology which is pathetic. As a loyalty member, is this how you treat customers?

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                Protea Hotelerror in charge for room bill

                I made a booking at the Protea Balalika in Sandton for a trip in October, because of the special rate the deposit was the full bill of $1976.57. The booking was done through Booking.com and was fine until I discovered the charge was processed twice on my card. The hotel did not pick this up or know until I informed them - both charges processed on 27 June.

                I advised the hotel and was told they would reverse the charge but did so $105.08 short, I queried this and was told by Maria Costa and her revenue manager Ohad Cohen on 11 July the shortfall was due to the exchange rate and it was my fault so my problem.
                I would never have done this intentionally but the arrogance and lack of respect from these people make me want to warn people away from this hotel group

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                  Protea Hoteltransportation, service management

                  I'm Clarence Azuelo with confirmation number [protected] staying in Protea Hotel by Marriott Johannesburg Parktonian All-Suite.We took a red bus city tour April 20, 2017, around 1745H we arrived in constitution hill then we called the hotel 1810H using the number of guard of constitutional hill because we didn't yet purchase a sim card here in Johannesburg, one staff a female answered my call she said "the shuttle will pick you up there after 5 minutes after the driver will take some client in the Rosebank", after that around 1830H still no one fetch us, and we kept calling the hotel no one answer, one Uber driver had client in that area we are being saved and arrived in the hotel safe around 1900H. We came in the manager, delivered our complaints, were not satisfied their explanations and how the manager managed our bad situation, Johannesburg is not a safe area for us, we counting on that time on the hotel service, if no Uber driver came there what will happen to us? if no guards with us? This is alarming situation regarding with your service and for the safety of your client.

                  I would like to ask a refund regarding this issue, i wanted to check out and checked in other hotel but we cant its a waste of money and time for us and also for our safety.

                  I hope you will take actions in this issue ASAP!

                  Clarence Azuelo

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                    Protea Hotel — protea king george hotel, george, western cape, sa

                    We are staying at the King George Protea Hotel in George. We are dissapointed in the standard of this four...


                    Protea Hotel Rustenburg — Service and overall experience

                    Checked in Thursday 23rd, after booking a week prior via bookings.com Did not have our booked room available...


                    Protea HotelPoor telephone booking service

                    On The 14th of February(valentine's day) I booked early check in at one of your Resort Hotel so I could go for game tour. This was agreed by reservation. I was also told the amount I paid included free Valentine dinner and breakfast.

                    1. Unfortunately when we went for Dinner, we were directed to the common Dinning room were even after asking if that was the venue for Valentine Dinner, waiters said yes. After eating the ordinary Buffer, we were charged. That is when all surfaced that we were not registered as Valentine couple. They had to remove the charge and apologized vehemently that is why I reserve the name.

                    2. From there today on 15th I proceeded to Hazy view branch were I requested early check in due to fatigue after 4.5hr drive and business. The officer confirmed after my emphasis that he will reserve the room earlier.

                    Unfortunately on arrival around 1306hrs, the room was prepared by 1415hrs while we stayed in the until my wife slept. there was no communication at all to House keeping.

                    My request now/suggestion is please try to introduce voice recording so that communication can be retrieved or traced. There seem to be reluctance on telephone conversations on your staff. Please consider this option. I am a loyal prokard member.

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                      Protea Hotel — I am complaining about the receptionist by the name of danica

                      When we arrived at Protea Hotel Umhlanga, there were two receptionist one was on the phone and the other wa...


                      Protea HotelAvailability due to system restrictions

                      For the past 3 years we have been staying at the Protea Saldanha Bay over the Christmas weekend. This year I am booking late but I wanted to book two family rooms on the dates 25, 26, 27, 28. I was told that the 27th is full. So i said: "then give me the 25 and 26. "Sorry sir, you have to take three nights" - So i say: " how can I take three nights if the 27th is fully booked" - "but sir, the system will not allow us to book less then three nights". If the other nights is available but not the 27th then this means that many people booked only for the 27th -WTF. Did Marriot fry your brains or are you a half wit on purpose.

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                        Protea HotelsGeyser out of order

                        To who it may concern
                        We had a special celebration and decided to book my wife in at the Protea Hotel Highveld in the Executive suite.
                        We booked in on 08/07/2016
                        The room was absolutely beautiful and surpassed all of our expectations.
                        Unfortunately there wasnt any hot water in the bathroom.
                        When we complained the next morning they told us that they had a problem with the geyser.
                        Im NOT happy because they didn't advise us on check in.
                        As you know this is winter and it is unacceptable to not to have a warm bath or shower.
                        I will apperciate it if mannagement will come back to me on this issue.
                        Mr P.I van der Merwe

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                          Protea Hotel LeadwayVery bad service

                          I complained about the air-conditioning which wasn't working in my room, and i wasn't relocated nor was the problem fixed. They kept giving excuses and pretending to fix it. The a.c didn't work all night till i checked out of the hotel the following day by mid day. The manager was apologetic but that was after the fact. I kept calling the help desk and maintenance and the problem wasn't treated or solved.

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                            Protea HotelsProkard Cancellation

                            I applied and paid for a prokard membership within the hour decided to phone to cancell it an reverse my payment on my credit card as I had changed my mind.
                            I am not able to get any help with my credit card reversal. Its been a week already.

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                              Protea HotelPoor parking and Room fittings

                              Dear General Manager, I am appalled by the state of your hotel and the incidents that occurred at the Hotel on the morning of 22nd of November 2012. I checked into your hotel and drove to the parking are in front of the residences. There is INSUFFICIENT parking bays for the number of rooms, and as these rooms border on your conference facilities, there was minimal parking. When I checked in, your staff had not received my voucher from my company, which I mailed to them (why did they not follow up during business hours to receive the voucher??). I parked in the last bay at the end, and went to my room. Dinner, if it could be called that, was appalling. Left over salad, limp and drying, and POOR food consisting of a BONY meat stew, fried chicken and left over vegetables covered in a white flour sauce. All for R130 rand. I am appalled that you allow food like this to be served. In the morning, I stepped into the bath, which felt "Flimsy" and soft. during the shower, the bath broke, causing me to fall. Fortunately I was not injured, but I have photographic evidence of the quality of the bath where it broke. In the telephonic conversation I had with you, you had the nerve to tell me that I would not be charged for the bath, as the contractor you used had provided poor quality work before. What kind of establishment are you running here?? When leaving the hotel room to check out, one of your guests had decided that as there was insufficient parking, that I had parked in the bay directly in front of his room and refused to move his car. Your staff were incapable of convincing him to move his vehicle, and after I attempted to reason with him, he told me that he wasn’t satisfied with the bay the staff had allocated to him and could wait while he slept. He was verbally aggressive and physically threatening. Only after I asked your staff to call the POLICE, did they contact you to discuss this with him. I arrived an hour late for an important meeting.

                              1. Your catering is appalling
                              2. Your reception staff are unprofessional
                              3. Your facilities are substandard, including poor parking allocation and poor room facilities.

                              I will NEVER stay at this hotel again, and will make recommendations to my very large organisation never to use your facilities. Furthermore, this WILL be submitted on social media sites to notify the public of your careless attitude and lack of respect.

                              Poor parking and Room fittings
                              Poor parking and Room fittings

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                                • On
                                  onml Jun 06, 2016
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  Yes I Agree. Specifically the GM of Protea Edward hotel Durban. He is VERY IMMATURE AND IGNORANT. Quick to pass the buck on his staff with out fact checking. This I have caught him out on. How are you expected to be respected as a guest in a hotel when the GM him self has no respect for staff and hence the staff have adapted this behavior. I had to wait on him for ages to meet with me. He just sat in his office avoiding me. Sending his staff to convey messages back and forth like a ping pong match.

                                  All one needs to do is just loiter around the reception area and you will hear much much more about the poor management in the hotel. Dont just take my word for it. Try it for your self.

                                  0 Votes
                                • Id
                                  Idocare Nov 23, 2012

                                  You forgot to mention you will also tell all your family and friends.

                                  0 Votes

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