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On 9/18/17 I changed my billing preferences from paperless to U.S. mail. Upon doing so I was told I would have to pay a fee of $2.87 each time I received a bill. I find this highly ridiculous. When I called to complain about the fee I was shuffled between 3 different people who all spewed the same [censor] line about "paperless discount". You can spin it how you want but what you are doing is charging me to send the bill to me in the mail. Penny pinching giant corporations like you mother [censor]ers make me sick. Not only will I not pay your [censor] fee, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I'd rather pay more on principal with another company than to do business with greedy [censor]ing [censor] that are too tight to pay for [censor]ing postage. I HAD house insurance and 2 vehicles insured with progressive. That will be changing tomorrow. [censor] you very much!!

Sep 18, 2017

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