Progressive Insurance / worthless insurance - do not buy!!!

Do not buy progressive insurance for your rv, boat, and possibly for any other vehicle. I had a full coverage “stated value” policy for over ten years. I paid extra (Around $500 yearly) to cover the rv for a value of $19, 000.
Then I had one claim this year due to a windstorm ripping off my roof, plus a roof on a much newer rv beside mine, and a large oak limb behind it. Right from the beginning on the phone the adjuster talked like he had already made up his mind that he would find an “exclusion” in the policy to deny my claim.
Sure enough, he looked at the rv for 5 minutes, took some pictures, and proceeded to tell me that the roof was old and damage was due to “wear and tear” and thus, not covered. They would not even offer to cover a portion of the damage even though it was clearly due to high wind and rain, not age. I continue to complain to management, the bbb, the state insurance division, and others. But progressive continues to come up with excuses for their position. There are only two excuses: 1) greed, 2) the policy is worthless.
Of course the roof had a little age. It is a 1992 winnebago. They knew the age of the roof, yet gladly took the high premiums every year. The point is, their “exclusions page” deep in the policy is much longer than the coverage page and is purposely written vaguely to give them many ways to deny your claim. I am not the first to discover this. Many thousands before have complained too, but they do not care.
Do not buy progressive insurance. Do not buy progressive insurance.

Apr 13, 2016

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