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On june 30, 2012; my pregnant wife, while driving, was struck by another vehicle.
The driver of the offending vehicle, a seattle police officer, admitted fault. He was insured with progressive insurance.
Our daughter was born prematurely at just over 3 lbs.; spending the first weeks of her life in the natal intensive care unit at providence hospital, everett wa.
We spent that time healing, juggling jobs and responsibilities, which included our 2-year old son.

Our major medical coverage plus personal injury protection with our own insurance providers covered most of our medical expenses.

We were left with a balance of the expense to repair my wife’s vehicle, lost wages & deductibles and therefore approached progressive insurance for $6, 843.19 minus an offset from our own coverage of $555.25; leaving a remaining balance of $6, 287.94 to make us financially whole.

Progressive insurance through a series of adjusters over three years made embarrassingly low counter offers, eventually forcing us to court. There, during a fourth appearance, on a legal technicality unrelated to the claim, our case was summarily dismissed.

What you can do to help

1) sign this petition
This petition will be forwarded to the current president of the national association of insurance commissioners, ted nickel; asking for a nationwide investigation into the claims practices of progressive insurance.

2) contact your own, state insurance commissioner
If you have ever had reason or cause to file or been involved in a claim with progressive insurance, or been a customer; and, been treated unfairly with regards to a claim, billing or coverage; contact your state insurance commissioner at the corresponding office listed with the national association of insurance commissioners.

3) vote with your feet
If you are currently insured with progressive insurance, get quotes from other carriers and consider changing your provider. Do not drop insurance before securing proper coverage at a competitive price.

4) consult an attorney
If you currently have a claim of any size with or against progressive insurance or someone insured with them, schedule a consultation immediately. Two opinions are good, three are better.

5) check your portfolio
If you own stock in progressive insurance nyse: pgr, consult your financial advisor to consider the value of this holding and whether divestment is in your best interest.

The basics of bad faith

First party insurance

Refusal to pay a claim without a reasonable basis or even if insurer has a reasonable basis for denial, failing to properly investigate the claim in a timely manner.

Third party insurance

Failure to defend or indemnify or settle claim within policy limits without a reasonable basis, or failing to properly and in a timely manner, investigate of defend the claim.

Types of conduct which may be bad faith:

1) deceptive practices of deliberate misrepresentations to avoid paying claims
2) deliberate misinterpretation of records or policy language to avoid coverage
3) unreasonable litigation conduct
4) unreasonable delay in resolving claim or failure to investigate
5) use of improper standard to deny a claim
6) arbitrary or unreasonable demands for proof of loss
7) abusive and coercive tactics to settle a claim
8) compelling an insured to contribute to settlement
9) failing to thoroughly investigate the claim in accordance with their own procedures
10) failing to maintain adequate investigative procedures
11) failing to disclose policy limits and explain applicable policy provisions or exclusions

Thank you for your help

In advance, i greatly appreciate your assistance in bringing this to light.

Thank you.

Mar 31, 2017
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      Apr 03, 2017

    Contact the Federal trade Commission, file a complaint and they'll act on our behalf. Progressive illegally sold my vehicle. I already filed a complaint. They don't act on individual complaint, but when enough of us contacts them and file, it'll get the legal action against them moving and they'll conduct a full investigation. or call [protected].

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