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Short and straight to the point, i called back in october 2016 to have my fiance's infinity added to my policy. He wanted full coverage on his vehicle, the csr on the phone clearly said, you cannot have two cars with different coverages on the same policy, my fiancee and i agreed and went on to tell her put full coverage on both...Regardless of the declaration sent out, saying that the coverage was left the same, which that i never received amongst the junk advertising mail that comes from progressive that i had spammed, went into my email trash...This is the point given by your claims department for not honoring the claim although i had them pull the call and i remember verbatim the csr saying this and we agreeing on full coverage...The claims rep and mgr went on to talk about the price difference, which is neither here nor there since i was paying $117 for full coverage in tn and i moved to ga and was told it would be nearly $100 more...The price went to $320/month seemed right to me for full coverage on two cars, especially being told the more you add to a bundle, the more discounts you revive...Point is, all of the money paid and i could get a claim completed on a chevy hhr, not like is a luxury car...I switched my insurance to full coverage for myself to be able to rent a car, low and behold the price is $320/month ago what is this rate that no matter what you're covering or how many cars seem to be quoted at $320...You should receive a supeona for those call records shortly from my attorney. Sad that i thought going with a larger company would mean better coverage to find out that such a large company wouldn't even cover the gap insurance of what the car is worth and what i owe my lien holder of only est $5000, when this is a billion dollar company or could've easily covered the damage, the only reason it's reported as totalled is because it's hard to find frames and parts for a car no longer manufactured, but the collision center owner agreed he could discount a rebuild. At any rate poor customer service, people working in claims could care less about assisting you.


Jun 17, 2017

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