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I've repeated tried to work with PGN to obtain answers to my questions. As of today (more than a year later), they have not yet responded to them all.


December 29, 2010

Dear Mr. McArthur:

Please allow me to make you aware of poor service provided from and inaccurate statements made by your Associate General Counsel, Mr. David. T. Conley.

When he and I spoke on December 8, 2010, I informed him four (4) times that my concern was not regarding the email I received on 8/27/10 (copy, below)…which was generated from my using the website

Mr. Conley kept repeating the incorrect information, cutting me off in mid-sentence; and his letter of December 17, 2010, does not correctly reflect the concern that I tried to share with him, but that he was wholly unwilling to hear. My concern is that he, Ms. Hood and M. Barrett all promised me that I would receive no more unsolicited emails. Notwithstanding, I did receive an additional email, below:


Mr. Conley states that made a request through ‘activities on the website, ’ however this is not true. He also incorrectly states that am not registered to access my Progress Energy account on the external website, but you can see from the enclosed document that I’ve had access back to at least 9/29/08. I pointed out to him on the telephone that my questions and concerns had not been answered, yet he incorrectly states that they have.

To give you another example of how he did not listen to my concerns, he asked me four (4) times if I wanted him to research why I received this email, and I had to answer four (4) times that I did … each time stressing to him that he had already asked me that question. Yet, when he responded, he did not provide me an answer to my concern…but he also tried to ‘dun’ me by telling me not to contact him by telephone or email…even though I’d only sent him one letter and left him one message. This type of extraordinarily poor service is shameful from a world-class company such as Progress Energy. I believe he owes me an apology, and that Progress Energy should make a sincere effort to address my concerns.

My concerns are: (1) why did I receive this email when I was promised no additional email would be sent? To repeat, I did not interact with your website and do not have any idea why I received it; (2) why did it say I had a “Secure Message, ” yet when I logged in to check, it stated the were no secure messages. My point to Mr. Conley was that there may be a problem with your computer and/or email system. As a Progress Energy shareholder, I believe this is something that should definitely be reviewed to ensure that other customers are not similarly impacted.; (3) your customer service manager, Ms. Hood, failed to answer several of my email requests, and so did your customer service email department. I requested copies of all my previous communications (something I’d been provided previously) and I requested to speak with her manager/supervisor; and, as of today, neither of these requests has ever been answered. I should receive an apology from her and copies of information I’ve requested.

As I expect that Mr. Conley reports to you and part of my complaint is about his rudeness and poor service, I’m sending this letter to your attention and asking for your kind assistance. As to the errant email issue, I would appreciate you requesting a review of and a response to me on how this matter occurred. I hope we can close this matter without legal intervention and/or escalation to the NC Utilities Commission, et al.

S M Latta, PhD
Progress Energy stockholder

I am seeking PGN to provide written answers to each of the questions that I have asked. I am also seeking copies of the documents that I have requested -- documents that at previous occasions they previous provided quickly and fully. I am finally requesting an investigation into why PGN has swept this matter under the rug, provided such dismally poor service, and allowed this matter to have dragged on for over a year.

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