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When inquiring my account balance this morning I found 4 UNAUTHORIZED transactions to my account. Two for $16.95 each to Homeplay & Two for $16.95 each to Vacation Passport. I called the numbers provided & got voicemail which sent me to the site (for both companies). I immediately printed all information including 10 pages of complaints & went to my bank & filed a dispute & contacted visa. I went to Better Business Bureau & they cannot help because it is FRAUD-a CRIME & a CIVIL LAW VIOLATION but they provided me w/ Volunteer Lawyers Network [protected] Minneapolis, MN 55402 & North Dakota Supreme Court State BD of law examiners [protected] E.Boulevard Ave., Dept.180, Bismark, ND 58505-In addition the parent company of homeplay, vacation passport, cooking in style, explore usa, essentials for home, gleam & glamour, value, funsource, value access, duets, glamour in you, out of balance, buyers plus & chase ultimate rewards plus is PROVELL, INC. 11100 Wayzata Boulevard Suite 680, Minneapolis, MN [protected] (fax #[protected]) I hope this helps all of you & hope you follow through as I am-they need to be prosecuted! Marlena Capparelli


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      Feb 07, 2009

    I have been charged $14.95 for almost 2 years before I noticed it on my statement. I canceled my card. When I called them and asked what they are she said it was for coupons. Has anyone ever been reinbursed for all the money they were ripped off?

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      Nov 20, 2010

    This company has committed fraud. No idea how they got my charge and have been since 9/10, 10/10 and 11/10 charged $19.95 a month for something never heard of. Contacted credit card company and they are investigating as fraud. Tried to submit cancel and request money back and gives web error and won't go through. Called and said not there and go to Have no idea what this is about. Will be contacting my other accounts about this company.

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      Jan 08, 2011

    What the Hell is this? I go to my account to find $24.95 gone to some place I have no knowledge of nor did I give permission to. I called the number and here I am on this website reading how these people have been doing this type of thing to alot of other people. How can this be ?? Are there no laws to protect us consumers from fraud of this caliber?I am livid and this will n ot be the end of this for me.

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