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i have a customer with Proflowers for many, many years and never had an issue. I ordered and Autumn arrangement for my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving about 2 weeks PRIOR to Thanksgiving. The day before Thanksgiving I get an email and mind you it was after 4pm when it was sent that my order was cancelled as these flowers were no longer available???!!! Are you kidding me? Then I am told there are NO flowers available as a replacement until AFTER Thanksgiving - so no gift, no resolution. A refund did not help my situation. Then they send a replacement of some sort that arrives half dead and I had an order coming to myself of roses that were also half dead. This is unbelieveable. They resend to both my in-laws and me and AGAIN the condition of BOTH arrangements is extremely POOR. I am done - I will NEVER order from Pro-Flowers again!


Dec 31, 2018

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