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08/18/2009 PRIVACYM $2.00
08/18/2009 MVQ*PRIVACYM $2.00
08/18/2009 MVQ*PRIVACYMID $1.00

08/18/2009 $29.95


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  • Mi
      May 06, 2008
    Privacy Matters Identity - Unathorized charges to debit card
    Privacy Matters Identity
    United States

    A few days ago I recieved an unathorized charge to my credit card from AP9 PM Identity for 19.95. I never signed up for any of their products on any of their websites. I called their office at [protected]. Once I got a hold of them, which was pretty fast (was on hold for a few minutes), I talked to a Crystal and cancelled my "membership" with a full refund. The process was quick probably because they have a lot of them go through. This is a scam because I never charged it. If I did not go through my records that much I would not have caught it and they would have stolen my money. I don't care how fast they processed the cancellation. I might not have caught it and they could have made off with my money. This company needs to be procescuted. Also, a few days earlier I bought a product from Intellius of which I think it is part of. That is a rip off.

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  • Dw
      Jul 08, 2008

    These charges, $19.95, started appearing every month, several months ago for something I never signed up for. I googled the name that appeared on my credit card statement and found there are many others who have been scammed by these guys! So I called the number [protected] number and complained. they said they will stop my subscription. I had to demand a refund (only the latest month and I had to demand a confirmation number. I plan to file a dispute with Credit Card company about this company and refuse anymore billings because I just don't trust them. They still got about 5 months out of me. I now know that we need to be vigilant about suspicious charges.

    Privacy Matters Identity
    P.O. Box 5152
    Des Plaines, IL [protected]
    [protected] (You will be on hold a long time)

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  • Je
      Jul 27, 2008

    i cancelled online with them in june of 2008, and they took money again from my account.

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  • Da
      Oct 08, 2008
    Privacy Matters Identity - Fraud, Scam, Unauthorized Withdraw
    United States

    This company pmidentity has a scam going on. I only wanted a one time charge of $19.95 on my credit card to use there services. They charged 5 extra months on my card and said they are not refunding anything. Beware of there scam.

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  • Ba
      Aug 17, 2009
    Privacy Matters Identity - unauthorized charges
    privacy matters identity
    United States

    I had signed up for $1.00 per month to have then protect my identity when I believe they actually scammed me out of money. I was charged anywhere from 29.95-34.95 per month. I never authorized this amount to be taken out of my account. This is unbelievable!!!

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  • Da
      Sep 03, 2009
    Privacy Matters Identity - After I cancelled, they still took my money
    Privacy Matters Identity
    United States

    Club Savings) thought by getting my credit report from Privacy Matters would make a change.What a mistake.That's all the company left me with in my account, was change, 34 cents to be exact.

    I had called and cancelled my account the day after I had singed up.But this morning when I called my bank to check my balance, P.M. had taken $29.95 from my account!

    Also, a transaction from a company(Club Savings) associated with P.M. debited my account $1. What am I to do now?

    Thanks for letting me post on your site.

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  • St
      Oct 27, 2009

    They automaticly tacked on another account and even though I canceled Family Matters on time, they are still deducting from my bank acct the other charges for the Family Safe account. I thought it was all included in one account.

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  • Sc
      Jan 11, 2010
    Privacy Matters Identity - Fraud, Scam, Unauthorized Withdraw
    United States

    I became a memeber of and this popped up in the app. process. I have tried calli ng and my phone # is not valid, however one time it was and they were closed! I want to cancel and their hours a few that they are opened!9

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  • An
      Jan 25, 2010
    Privacy Matters Identity - billing for services that were cancelled
    Privacy Matters Identity
    San Diego
    United States

    I accidentally clicked on an ad attached to, which led to a confirmation of membership from Since I didn't know that I had signed up for this service until I received the email, I called immediately to cancel. I received anemail confirming the cancellation on 12/15/09. In reviewing my credit card statement for this month, I found a charge from, dated 12/23/09. I emailed the company, and today received an email stating they will cancel the charge today! Had I missed the charge, they would have kept my money.!

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  • No
      Jun 24, 2010

    Privacy matters called me and I authorized the payments to be taken from my credit card. However, they took it oiut of my checking account instead.

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  • Fr
      Oct 15, 2010

    These charges just show up on my debit card account. I do not even know who they are and I have never heard of them.

    Irene Farnes

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  • Gu
      Mar 31, 2012
    Privacy Matters Identity - Fraud, Scam, Unauthorized Withdraw
    Privacy Matters
    United States

    I Just found out that I have been charged for 3 memberships since 2009. Privacy Plus, PMidentity, and SavingsAce. I did the math and that would come out to $5, 000. I didn't notice the withdraw because I use my visa card on a regular bases. I tend to spend 20-50 bucks on every purchase, so when they were withdrawing $34.95 and $39.95 every month I didn't notice it because It wasn't a huge sum. I'm very upset and will be calling the company and also contacting my Bank. If anyone has any input please comment. Thanks

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