AdvantageCare Plus Complaints & Reviews

advantage care plus / Insurance?


I am in process of trying to stop a foreclosure. I have been paying 19.95 a month since Aug 2006 for what shows on my mortgage statement as "optional A & H Insurance" I needed to use my Accident and health insurance as i broke my leg and was out of work for 4 months. When Ispoke to my...

advantage care plus / $19.95


This company should definately be turned in to the BBB as unworthy status! They took $19.95 from my debit card without authorization. As if that weren't bad enough;now they are not wanting to do a transaction reversal after numerous calls to thier financial department. Even with a...

advantage care plus / unauthorized taking of money


Advantage care plus is a company who likes to scam money out of people. They took 19.95 out of my boyfriends account without him giving permission to do so. They somehow got ahold of his card number then asked him to verify his ssn and date of birth which they said gave them authorization...

advantage care plus / unauthorized charges


this company called Advantage care plus charged my bank account $29.95 and these charges were completely unauthorized!