Priceline.comdishonoring the promise

At September 17/2018, I booked and canceled flight reservation twice due to ticket were unclear and did not explained other fees as well as seat configuration and charges. The second time that I canceled my reservation, I purchased travel protection for $74.36 and I have been advised to keep my travel protection and save that for other reservation. It was indicated in the travel protection page. I consulted one of the Priceline representative and he approved that as well.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Thousand Oaks, CA
I did another reservation and did not purchased another travel protection since I had one under my account. Today, January 5th I called and asked for the receipt or evidence of my travel protection. After over three hours talking with multiple agents, I have been informed that my travel protection is not valid for this current reservation and it has to been canceled. I asked if this is the case why Priceline keep my money since Sep 17 and now they want to give me refund after over 80 days. All they have to say we are sorry we cannot give you your travel protection plan now.

Dec 05, 2018

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