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Priceline is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They tell you lies then when you catch them they blame you. I made reservations for a car and realized after they had been made that I needed to change the pick up time. That’s ALL I wanted to do. Priceline sent me an email saying and I quote "your dissatisfaction has been noted please do not expect any responses to anymore future emails because you wont get any" unquote. The rental company says a change would be fine but Priceline won’t allow changes. They say that the partners won’t allow them but it’s the partner that told me they would welcome any change within 3 business days. Priceline are liars and cheats, do not use them it’s not worth it.

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      26th of Feb, 2011
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    This company is the biggest joke known to man! They make your life as hard as they possibly can to the point that it's literally cruel. They will test your patience so much you'll eventually feel you've lost your sanity. They took over seven hours of my life that I'll never get back.

    First off representatives must be put on the floor the first day on the job and told "wing it" because there is ZERO consistency from one agent to the next. Also, the limited training they DO receive must be simply, "Make the customer's lives hell. Don't care about their needs. Never actually assist, always come up with a new problem, fee or changed policy instead" True story, I've talked to 17 representatives (6 managers) in 2.5 days and they are still giving me grief. (I'm not asking for anything I didn't purchase, not even a courtesy for all their wrongdoings and for wasting my time.)

    I bought insurance and had to cancel my flight because my immediate family member died just before my scheduled departure. At the time they said I'd have credits for future use. Upon rebooking, it seems my credits were closed by Priceline on accident and no one's been willing to reinstate it. Even though I'm in no way at fault, they've been 100% uncooperative in fixing their mistake. They will lie to you, tell you wrong information without reviewing your record, act incompetent, put you on hold endlessly, hang up on you, transfer you to the wrong department or to an extension that rings forever, make you wait on "partner airline approval" for days and never keep said promises documented in "the notes." At this point I almost believe "the notes" are just running checklists of all the different problems they can create for you. -"I see here last call Oliver hit her with this excuse. Check! Upon transfer Maria uncovered this new issue. Check!" One representative, Norman actually yelled at me!

    In 30 years I have never written a complaint on a company. This is my first and it's fueled by sheer outrage that I was treated so poorly. Please take my advice and NEVER do dealings with Priceline! No matter how hard you try, they will never make it right. I wanted to believe they had to... After all they were the faulty party, fixing things would be the right thing to do BUT unlike other companies, that's not the standard with these folks. It really is sad a company like this is still in business. Save yourself, spread the word and maybe one day they'll get what's coming to them. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at

    Thanks for reading and take care!

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      29th of Apr, 2011
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    This company is one of the worst if not the worst I have ever seen!!! I booked a hotel and paid over 1 month ago and suddenly they emailed me sorry we have to cancelled your book. This is not only a breach of contract, it is also a bait and switch! After an hour or more flighting on the answering machine- they told me they cannot help. After several more hours after I left I voice mail to the VP Lisa Gillingham, her assistance called me back saying " sorry we have to transfer the company's operational risks to customers and we cannot help you further apart from refund or put you in a airport hotel over 40 mins away from the downtown area. What kind of response is this!!! I only need a hotel within the same area...

    I never complain to a company, never voice my angry, but I am going to court with this company for the good of mankind!

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