SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / scam on on-line flight reservation

Contact information: has charged my credit card for over $3000 in disputed, I would argue fraudulent, charges. On June 27, 2009, my credit card company alerted me to the fact that instead of 3 tickets (for a trip I made abroad with my family), I had been charged for 6. Upon further inquiry, I discovered that had charged my credit card accounts for 3 plane tickets connected with Flight Request #[protected]. The funny thing is, I never made this Request, and I never received any notification e-mail from of having made such a request!

In the past, I had submitted three other Flight Requests through to purchase tickets on-line. They were not accepted, and they were listed as unaccepted (as shown via the "MyTrips" page in the attached photo). As the attached photo shows, there is no showing of Request #[protected]! Also, as the photo indicates, the Requests actually made, on the "same date" as claims, are drastically different. Given the fact that these Request Numbers progress chronologically,'s claim that the Request was made on the same day makes absolutely no sense.

Its Customer Relations Department contends that I made the request on the same day, 6/27/09 with other attempted requests. However, the request in question is not shown anywhere on my Online Profile alongside other, legitimately made Flight Requests. The number in question is #[protected]. As you can see, it does not appear on the MyTrips portion of my page. Nevertheless, has persisted in charging me over $3, 000 in conjunction with this purported Flight Request!

Moreover, the Customer Relation's staff does not seem to care about this complaint. So far, they have not responded in any meaningful way to my submitted complaint. says that because a Flight Request, bearing this number, exists somewhere in its system, that is what counts. I am responsible for the charges, regardless of the fact that I never purchased, or even knew, about this Flight Request!

The matter remains in dispute. I sincerely hope that will remove this disputed charge from my account. But in the meantime, it is an uphill struggle with's Customer Relations Department.

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