Priceline.comairline ticket

I booked a flight online through I accidently pushed a wrong date on the computer. Within a couple minutes I sent an email informing priceline of my error. Priceline basically said they would not refund or change the ticket date. Since I was to fly American Airines I called them and they said since the email show I let priceline know what happened right away, American Airlines policy was to issue a refund. Priceline again tole me they were not going to refund my money, would not change the date and let me fly at a later date. I'm on disability income and it took me awhile to be able to afford this ticket but now I'm told they will keep my money and will allow me to transfer the date on a later trip. In my opinion is a rogue company and I will be making plans to sue them. No person disabled or not should be treated in this manner. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN AND AM SEEKING COUNSEL TO SUE THEM FOR TAKING MY MONEY FOR A SERVICE THEY DID NOT PROVIDE AND I DID NOT USE! [protected]

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