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I reserved a hotel room, online through Priceline, with Days Inn in Azusa, California. I booked the room for a visiting guest and her cat. The hotel had advertised "Pet Friendly" on Priceline. My guest checked in 2 hours early and paid Days Inn $10 cash ($5/hour). An hour later the cat was delivered to my guest. My guest went to the Hotel office to ask that maid service not come in unless she was there because the cat would try to escape. Days Inn said she could not stay because she had a cat and she did not tell them in advance. They said she was not in one of the rooms OK'd for pets, but they did not offer to move my guest to one of those rooms. They just demanded she leave. She said they were insulting.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Azusa, CA She may also have been insulting as well because she is an avid animal lover and can get difficult on animal issues. Days Inn said they will charge for one night even though they did not allow my guest to stay and did not offer her one of the "pet" rooms. I spoke with Priceline to dispute payment of the one night hotel stay and ended up with a supervisor named Andrea. After about an hour, Priceline refused to do anything about the unfair charge. So, my credit card will be charged for a stay that never happened, my guest was "kicked out" of the "pet friendly" hotel because she had a cat and didn't tell them in advance, my guest was treated rudely, and I was dismayed by Priceline's unethical and/or cowardly refusal to do the right thing.

May 31, 2014
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  • Tr
      May 31, 2014

    sounds like you were the sneaky one. in the reservation, did you tell the hotel your friend had a cat? misleading if not.

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  • Mk
      Jun 01, 2014

    Sounds like the reservation was not done properly... It is possible that no animal friendly rooms were available for that night...

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  • Wi
      Jun 01, 2014

    sounds fishy on your part. When booking a room, you must state you have pets, and they will do what they can to accommodate. If you try to sneak your pet in, they don't have to allow it. It would be like reserving a room and saying its for 2 adults, but then sneaking more people in the back door without paying the extra-person fees.

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