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Ppi Mailbox Magazine / Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes / harassing calls

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Morning and evening calls from this company every 2 minutes for an hour for the last few weeks. It's always the same, if I answer the call it's dead air, if I return the call I get a voice recorded message "box is full". There is another website, that has a list of complaints solely from this company. I registered them at and will file a complaint after the grace period if the calls don't stop. I will also follow the lead on this page regarding the Florida listing and report them to the Attorney Generals office.

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  • Ka
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    My boyfriend actually did fall for this scam, and signed up with these people. IT IS COMPLETELY FALSE! He received 3 magazines total and they have taken almost $100 out of his account.

    Thankfully he switched accounts to where he has no more money in the account that they know about, but every month they attempt to take out $71 dollars. They call and harass him for not paying, and when he told them he did not have the money to continue to pay them, they were actually MEAN to him, telling him how now that he has an attitude with them, they are not going to give him a break. He put me down as a reference and they are calling me now, harassing me! I called back to complain and then woman helping me told me to hold while she figured out the problem and then hung up on me! Unbelievable!

    Take this as a warning PLEASE, if "Publisher's sweepstakes" calls you, IT IS A SCAM, please do not fall for it the way we did. You type in the name of this supposed magazine company on the internet, they are no where to be found, their number is not listed, and the BBB has never heard of them.

  • Tb
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    I also fell victim to this scam, they said they would take 59.80 out of my account on or around the 25th of the month, its 2 months they have taken 5 payments already, I cancel my account so they can't get anymore, after they took the 2nd payment I called them and the woman who I tried to talk to was very rude, when I tried to talk she would talk over me till I finally screamed at her then she hung up on me. I'm sure I'll be hearing from them when they realize they can't steal anymore money from me! can't wait for the call, I will do everything I can to bust them

  • Ka
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    I completely agree that this is a SCAM. I have no idea how they got my cell phone number a few months ago. They fed me beautifully coated lies that I'd be charged $59.80 the 25th of each month until the full amount was paid off and I'd have 5 years worth of magazines. I fell for it, thinking 'Okay, I'll get five years worth of reading for less than a grand and to top it off I'll get a nice Geneva watch (which they told me I would also get).'
    The company didn't charge me on the 25th but about a week after. I thought 'That's fine since it's the first payment.' Then about two weeks later I was charged $59.80. I thought something's wrong here, but I decided to let it run for a few more weeks. As I thought i got charged $59.80 the following week along with an amount of thirty something dollars. I called them up right away and disputed the thirty-odd dollars. They said that they couldn't return that amount because it was through a different company. I understood, but the next day I had $59.80 returned to me, but just to have it taken back out along with another $59.80 the next week. I said that's enough and called my bank and told then the situation. I got only about $120 back from the company, not as much as they took out, but something. I cancelled my card, and attempted to contact the company on the number they provided me with. To my astonishment when I called, I got a message that said "No one can answer your call at the moment, please call again later." I tried calling back for TWO AND A HALF HOURS when I gave up and said screw it. I'm getting mail from them now saying that I have a balance due of so and so. I'm trying to get this settled out, if someone could inform me of whom to contact to resolve this, it would be much appreciated.

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