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Power Windows & Siding / Unethical business practices

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

Met Power Windows & Siding at a home show, the representative told me we could get a free Window estimate. Told me, and I quote, "A free estimate, no obligation at all, everything will be done from the outside, no one will come in your house". So I figured, why not, I will get the free estimate, and then decide what I want to do. I made the appointment for a Thursday. PW&S then called me on the Tuesday of that week at 9:45am and asked me if the sales person could be there at 11 that morning. ( I since noticed they had called 4 other times that morning, never left a message - I was out). I said that the appointment was supposed to be on Thursday, not Tuesday. She said that was OK, but the guy was in the area, he could come at 11. I said that was OK, but I had to be somewhere at noon. She said, "Maybe Thursday would be better, he might take longer than an hour". That was their first mistake, as I found out later their appointments last an average of 6 hours, as mine did. Lying to me right off the bat means you are trying to maneuver your way into people's houses any way you can, because if you told people the truth, no one would let you in. Talk about unethical. So we had a huge snow storm, and they called later that day to cancel for Thursday and told me they would call the next week to reschedule. So Thursday comes, and then PW&S calls me at 11:20 on Thursday and said the sales person would be there between 4 & 5 that day. OK, so now I'm starting to get irritated - you can't even schedule an appointment right, how much are you going to screw up my window installation if I go with you? So I just agree to it, let's just get this over with, after all, I'm still going on the first guys quote that no one will come in my house, everything will be done from the outside. Fast forward now, the sales person is here for 6 hours, my dinner that is only partly made burns, every time we ask him how much longer he is going to be he says "15 minutes or so". He even says if I wanted to finish dinner and set an extra plate for him he wouldn't mind! So now to their product - I have no doubt they have good windows - but are they unique? I doubt it. We went to a local hardware store the day after (not a big chain one), and talked to the guy there. All vinyl windows are fusion welded, and believe me, we could not break the one at the hardware store, either. The salesman from PW&S must have picked up that sample of the screwed window from the local Five and Dime store. Most windows have Argon Gas in them, and again, to say that other windows only have a small percentage of Argon gas in them, you can't generalize like that, unless you got that window at a Five and Dime. The windows we looked at the local hardware store had the same quality locks, child locks, etc. as the PW&S windows. So don't be fooled into thinking their windows are so unique and superior. They are not, and the ones at the local Hardware store also qualified for the 2009 Energy Tax Credit, given only to windows that have a U-Factor of less than or equal to .30. If you listen to the sales pitch of PW&S, they will tell you that no other windows fit into this qualification. The windows we found at the local hardware store DID. PW&S has a double lifetime limited transferable warranty? Yes, but not unique - so did the windows at the local hardware store, and that was just one store we went to. 30% Energy savings guarantee at PW&S? Yes, but the local hardware store gave us 45% guarantee! And here was the clincher - the sales person went on and on about them being members of AAMA, and how there installers were trained by AAMA, yet nowhere on AAMA's web site is PW&S mentioned, and if you search on AAMA's web site under their member search area, you can't find PW&S. Now, PW&S will also give you a sales pitch on how they are members of the Better Business Bureau, and all their complaints have all been resolved, blah blah blah, yet, he failed to mention that their BBB accreditation expired on 12/31/2009. I'd say that all this adds up to a lot of unethical business practice. If your product is that good, it should sell itself, you shouldn't have to deceive people to this extent to get them to buy your product. And then there was the old come in with a huge price, give a good 10% off, then offer half off if you sign right then! So 6 hours later, after walking THROUGH my house and measuring, which is totally NOT what the person at the home show had said would happen (and I was not prepared for someone to be IN my house at all, especially for 6 hours), the only thing I have to say is yes, they may have good windows, but they are extremely over-priced, their business practice is unprofessional to say the least, and there is plenty of other windows out there with the same features, if not better, and much MUCH more reasonably priced. Do your research!

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      5th of Feb, 2011
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    I live in NJ as well and unfortunately had Power Siding and Windows replace my living room windows.---WHAT A HORRIBLE DECISION THAT WAS!!! The representative who did the presentation to my fiance and me LIED (yes, lied) about the process in which the windows would be put in, the financing process, AND the structure of the windows!!! After receiving a mysterious credit card in the mail with 23.99% interest rate, I called the credit card company and they told me that this credit card was ordered through PS&W! I immediately called the representative that we spoke with numerous times. However, this representative (who also is a head representative in the sales department) was close to impossible to get in touch with. When my fiance finally spoke with him, my fiance told him about the inconsistencies that occurred and the representative told him that, and I quote, "I don't care what the customers think. I finished the sale. You can talk to the people in the office now". Although I attempted to make complaints with a supervisor, there was no one in the office who seemed interested enough to assist me.
    When my windows were put in, the workers ripped apart part of my dry wall around the windows. The workers pointed out to me that one of the windows that they received to put in for me had a crack in the plastic side and they would come back to replace the window. Even though the windows were NOT the windows that were described to my fiance and me as the ones as we were getting, we tried to find the positives in having these windows. PW&S had to come to our house 3, yes THREE, times to replace our cracked window; the first two times they came, the workers were given the wrong window. PW&S told me that when the workers came to our house to put in the new/not cracked window, they would also fix my dry wall that they ruined. This was a lie as well. I had to make a 4th appointment with this company for workers to come to my house to fix the dry wall. We had to keep our curtains down for over 1 month as a result of the length between the appointments to finally fix everything.
    Months later, as the weather got colder, my fiance and I noticed a cold breeze coming from the window area. I again called PW&S about this, but had to wait 3 weeks for someone to come to our house to look at the problem. The worker found that the spackle around the windows cracked and told me that they had a "bad batch of spackle" at one point of time--hahaha--another lie.
    Just 1 month after the new spackle was put on around the windows, my fiance noticed that our living room was feeling cold and the cold air was coming from the window area AGAIN!!! We found that one of our windows no longer latches unless we do not close the window all of the way or if we pull the window out of place--both options leave cold air blowing into our house. Well, PW&S pitches that their windows will help save electric bills--I can guarantee that their very poor products and service causes this to be a HUGE LIE!!! I will call PW&S this week, and can't wait to see what excuses they will have this time. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

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