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I purchased a sofa from Pottery Barn in June of this year. It arrived in July with the wrong slip cover. I was told that the correct slip cover would arrive in about 3 weeks that never happened. It is almost September and still no slip cover. I call the design studio every two days and I have spoken with fifteen different customer service rep. They do very little to help me get the correct slip cover. All the say to me is to just wait. I asked for a tracking number and they would not give it to me. Every time I call I get a different answer about the slip cover. I will never purchase anything from Pottery Barn again, they can not deliver what the customer purchased or even care if the order is correct.

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  • Ge
      Sep 03, 2008

    PBteen has terrible customer service. They are not responsive and have a poor attitude. They don't honor promotions and add charges to make up any discount. Their over priced furniture is made out of pressed wood.

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  • Le
      Nov 08, 2009
    Pottery Barn - Extremely poor service
    Pottery Barn
    United States

    I wanted to be extremely clear as to why you should not buy a set of anything from pottery barn piece by piece over time. If you cant buy the set all at once there is an extremely high chance you will have incomplete sets because there is an extremely high chance they will run out of stock of the item you are investing in piece by piece and dicontinue the set all together and never get it in stock again...and they will give you some bs reason why and you will be left with incomplete sets! I warn you Again if you cant buy a set all at once don not buy it at all from pottery barn. I also wanted to be clear as to the length of time I was taking to complete a set when they just stopped carrying the item all together leaving me with incomplete sets and that time was only a few months even sometimes within a day or week of my first purchase of a piece from a set I usually get a few pieces every month due to my budget. Pottery barn is not reliable in this way there products are there on day and gone the next never to be seen again! These products that im talking about were some of the best and sometimes newest signatur pieces! Dont let a product with the name pottery barn in its name fool you into thinking it will always be a staple collection of pottery barn it most likely will be discontinued soon! Cmon pottery barn get your act together this is bad business on your end you should only deal with companies that are reliable ypur reputation is on the line and has gone down a huge amount in my book!

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  • Al
      Mar 08, 2010
    Pottery Barn - Careless
    Pottery Barn
    United States

    I ordered a desk and matching chair, the chair arrived followed by a delayed by 2 months notice on the desk - then after 2 months an email arrived to say desk no longer available, what the *** is the point of the chair without the desk and why didn't pottery barn know there was no desk when I ordered the chair and desk together - dishonest comes to mind!! Not my first experience of ordering an item only to be told weeks, months later that the item would never be delivered, stupid me to order again from pottery barn - finally learned my lesson.

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