Pottery Barn / charged months in advance of receiving product!

San Francisco, CA, United States
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I have placed several orders with Pottery Barn over the past several months. Two of those orders were considerably large—for furniture, placed on September 4 and September 7th. My credit card was charged for the majority of the furniture directly after I placed the order, showing in my account history that it had been shipped and on the way to me in the next few weeks. Part of my order included a couch and chair that was “custom” built. The couch and chair were not billed at the time of the order-expected to be delayed for several weeks. The remaining items were expected very shortly. I still haven't received them. Although I am paying for them. OVER TWO MONTHS LATER. In speaking with different representatives for PB, they have quite the system going. Initially I was told that these things take a while to deliver. Weeks? Months? Really? Then I was told that for my benefit, they were holding my items in my town so that I could have everything delivered together. Never mind that a couch and chair were being delayed for several weeks and they pre-charged me several thousand dollars on my credit card for the items allegedly sitting in a warehouse in my town. I have been paying for thousands of dollars in merchandise for over two months-merchandise that I don't even OWN yet. PB has my money, interest free, and I don't even have what I've been paying for. The last time I spoke with Pottery Barn a week ago, they assured me that my items were in my area and they were only holding them for my benefit so that I wouldn't have to have a delivery truck make more than one stop. Funny how I paid all those delivery surcharges on every individual item, but now they're looking out for me? One delivery but I'm paying how many delivery surcharges now? Funny how they charged my credit card on September 5, September 6, September 12, October 9, and October 11th for items I don't even have yet, but they're doing this for customer service? Funny how it takes four to six weeks to credit a return but they charge a purchase out months in advance of a customer even receiving it. When I asked Pottery Barn to please deliver the furniture that was already in my area, they told me just how sorry they were and that someone would contact me in three to five days to arrange delivery of my items. Nobody has contacted me. Where is my stuff, Pottery Barn?

Nov 10, 2015

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