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I had a really negative experience with purchasing furniture at Pottery Barn. I went to get a coffee table there and they did a stock check to make sure they had the item on the premises. The salesperson assured me that they had one in stock, that they would tag it with my sales slip and that I had 30 days to pick it up to save on the delivery fee.

2 weeks later, I arrange to borrow a truck and hand the receipt over, then wait about 30 minutes. They then inform me that they are "minus 2" on stock and that they can't find the table anywhere on the west coast. They had actually sold the table I had paid for and had no way to replace it. From the "minus two" I guess some other person was in the same boat I was.

Finally they actually call some other stores and find one a few counties away (maybe it's time to upgrade the inventory system) and then arrange to transfer it to the store I actually purchased it from. When I ask when it would be in, the person responds with a shrug and then tells me I have to call every day to "stay on them" because there are so many managers that no one knows what's going on. He actually said that! Basically the burden is on me to hunt down the merchandise I already paid for to make sure that they don't sell it out from under me again. There was no offer to ship it to directly me to rectify the problem they created. After paying $700 for basically an MDF box with veneer on it, you'd expect some semblance of customer service.

To sum up, I do not trust Pottery Barn to be able to maintain an accurate inventory or to be able to train their staff not to sell items that are no longer their property!

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      Mar 04, 2009

    I just had an infurating experience buying some clothes from Pottery Barn Kids. In the process of seeking a resolution I learned their inventory system doesn't update as people make purchases. It is based on the previous night's count only. We purchased some clothes for our boys--two of the pieces were listed as on backorder. When we received the other pieces, we learned that the backorder had been changed to "no longer available." Pottery Barn sold us 1/2 of 3 outfits and won't even let us return the half we bought.
    I've spent thousands with PB over the years, but this is it for me.

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