Poslajuirresponsible attitude

For nearly a month my parcel not received.
I called ABX office then they just say they will send me as soon as possible.
After a week then I called them and they do not pick up the phone.
Very bad service.
"Shipment on tracing" That's all they update whenever I called them.
I think they lost my parcel so they can't track my parcel and give me an answer.
This is the worst company I ever met.

This is followed by poslaju.
God damm it wat poslaju I think is poslambat or even can change their name to pos siput/kura2.
Poslaju can't deliver my parcel in a week and it's just a domestic parcel.
And can't deliver me my parcel say they don't have transport.
Excuse me?A delivery company without transport?

Dear users, what would you feel when you pay for their service and they are doing it with this kind of stupid/uneducated/lackadaisical attitude?

Jan 31, 2017

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