Portfolio Recovery Associates / Third party debt collection.

San Antonio, FL, United States

Through no fault of my own, I was rear ended by a drunk doing 100 mph in a 70 mph zone on New year's Eve 2013. He hit me hard enough to roll me over and totally total our new truck. I was at fault in not submitting paperwork to Old Republic for the Gap claim, so we ended up owing Security Service FCU $1800! We had to pay a $2500 down payment on our newer, replacement truck. This is where Portfolio Recovery rears it's ugly head and ups the $1800 to $6000! Penalties and fees they say. They call every day without fail, even through holidays. Now, besides PR threatening us, the drunk driver sues me saying that I hit him! We both went to the same ER, and I was told that he was not being very cooperative. I had a abrasion on my shoulder from the seat belt and a sore left knee. I pretty much threw his lawsuit in the trash. I'll tackle PR next with my attorney soon! That's my experience.

Jan 20, 2017

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