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Portfolio Recovery Associates has been sending me threatening letters of demand for payments of an account charged off over 5 years ago. The amount of the demand has gone up to almost $6, 000 from an original balance of $1, 800...claiming they are to be paid interest, fees and penalties. I called today to speak with Susan King who would not let me speak with a manager to explain there is no way I owed this money. furthermore she went on to say that unless I offered really close to what they were asking that I was insulting her company and not to bother calling back. I called back five minutes later to get a representative to give me a fax number only to be told they would accept no offers in writing only over the phone. Like someone is supposed to give a credit card authorization to a company who does not even have a mailing address and has potentially stolen account information from the original creditor Providian Financial. The second lady, Ladonna, yelled at me and told me she was not about to let me talk to a manager based on an offer than was not at least half of what they wanted. Sounds good to me...I'd like $3, 500, 000...I'll starting sending out mass mailers and hope for half from some suckers that buy into me collecting on behalf of xyz company 5 years later. Give me a break and put them out of business. They also leave messages with my assistant at the office...a violation?

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  • Ca
      30th of Dec, 2008

    Someone needs to shut these people down...

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  • Je
      17th of Mar, 2009


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  • Bl
      9th of Apr, 2009

    ### 'em. Ignore make no contact. File FTC compliant

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  • Ma
      9th of Sep, 2009

    I used to work for a sister company of theirs called IGS, out here in Vegas. If anyone would like a full disclosure of the practices they teach, and encourage, in their training, please feel free to email me. [protected]

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  • Wi
      10th of Nov, 2009

    Call your attorney general to make a complaint so this company will have to follow the law.Find your state statutes here:

    Find your state attorney general here:

    Your attorney general can make them stop illegally abusing not only YOU, but others like you: elderly people they like to intimidate, single mothers, veterans, anyone. Even when you owe a debt, there are laws they have to follow, and this company does not follow them. Report abuses to your attorney general!!!

    The company is currently being investigated by the Minnesota Attorney General:

    Hopefully, my attorney general will be investigating them soon, too.

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  • Sa
      4th of Feb, 2010

    i just got a letter, from them i wander if they were on the up and up. Well, i guess not.I thing these people never put on the bill, was who i owe the money too.Right there was a warning... I wasn't born yesterday.And i will put this Company thru the shredder where they belong..The Name isn't even right..

    BUt if they say I owe something to someone, The name of that Company should be somewhere on the bill..


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  • Br
      2nd of Mar, 2010

    Hi all I just got a letter also on a debt I know was paid 2 years ago. Let all get together and do a class action suit for trying to collect debts thats not owed and also for damaging credit files and harassing people email me [protected] lets do someting about places like this. there address

    120 Corporate Boulevard
    Norfolk, VA 23502
    We are located at the intersection of Military Hwy. and I-264.

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  • Jo
      18th of Jan, 2014

    A family member of mine is seriously ill and in a facility. She is rather young. This low life ### of a company has been bothering her since this past summer. They call every day, and ask for her. We've told them repeatedly the situation with her, they asked for her social security number, which I refused. This went on all summer. They stopped for about a month and then started up again i September. The ladies there were NASTY, all except for one who suggested we send proof of her medical condition. she gave us the company's address and we sent in documentation from the facility and her docs confirming her diagnosis. We sent it certified mail and we got the green card back signed by someone named 'Gloria D'. So, we wait and the calls stopped for about two weeks. then the calls started up again. They called on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We just let it ring. Then, they called every day since then. Finally Id had enough and I picked up the phone and a man asked for the family member. I stated politely that we had mailed the medical info back in September and he needs to find it. He said "I dont have to look and find anything ma'am!'. I said "well, why did the lady ask for them then?" He said "She must have been new, we cannot get medical info without power of attorney--its against the law" Whattttt?????? I replied "Well, I suggest Gloria broke the law then, because she signed for it on behalf of your company. He said "we dont have anyone here by that name!" He pretty much called me a liar and started yelling at me on the phone. I was nothing but polite. So now Im calling the attorney general's office on Monday and Im PRESSING CHARGES against this company for illegally obtaining medical information without power of attorney. they signed for and accepted it so someone there has the info and I can prove it. SHAME SHAME SHAME on you PRA. Your ### is grass!

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