Portable Nail Table Black Marble/Sally Item #: SBS-923610 / Exchange in purchase denied

1 335 Montrose Avenue, Laurel, MD 20707, Laurel, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (301) 317-4688

I went to Sally's and purchased this product above named. I requested fr an exchange item due to finding out from my landlord that within the shopping center we are located, there is an exclusive renters contract with one of the neighboring tenants who are a nail salon, that we are not allowed to perform nail services, per their contract with the landlord. I took the unopened package back to Sally's requesting an exchange of product, I was told an exchange could not take place unless I have my credit card which I purchased with. I had an issue with a theft of company checks that were stolen, the account the credit card was used, is now closed and there are no longer records available for my closed business account. I wasn't requesting a refund, I was requesting an exchange, but I was denied.

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