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Gramercy Louisiana, United States
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This was in Gramercy LA !!!Look I went to Popeye chicken place 5nites ago ND we had had order a 3piece meal two of them ND a 2piece meal without the drinks...Well we had to wait like 45 mins for our meal ND when they did give it we still had to wait cause they had pick or jump over us..So that means we had to wait about 10 more min then we got it...We went home found out they didn't even give us our 3piece meal we all got 2piece dark but I had paid for a 2 /3piece dark ND a 2piece dark..If they would stop clowning around maybe just maybe they would get it right ND move a bit faster...I want be getting anything there anymore cause it's not just me complaining it's a lot from Lutcher ND Gramercy saying the same thing...It this not the FRIST time either...Sign a very disappointed costumer ...I even try calling there the same nite but they didn't pick up...smh

Jan 20, 2017

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